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    Safranyam is a 100% natural light-weight face oil that melts in like butter and disappears into the skin. The signature blend of red gold - Kesar, precious rose and the golden spice - turmeric is as classical a formulation as can be but more effective, non-greasy and considerate of the modern climate and skin intolerances.

    Safranyam’s complex formulation is not just restricted to these 3 powerful skin-rejuvenating ingredients. Instead, it also brings the power of 19 ingredients including 16 Ayurvedic herbs in just 3 drops daily - straight into your skin. So that you can:

    • Experience superbly calm, moisturised skin despite the pollution around or dryness-causing freezing temperatures!
    • Nourish your skin in herbaceous skin-treats despite the June heat and continue to gorge on those juicy mangoes without the fear of breaking out!
    • Enhance skin health, radiate a subtle glow and unblemished skin while indulging in the rainy “fried feasts” without the clouds of dark spots looming over your head!

    Whatever the season, Safranyam’s 1-bottle 3-drop formula will have you covered all-day, all-year round!

    • Add a glow and brighten the skin  
    • Reduce large pores  
    • Lighten dark spots  
    • Keep the face looking clear  
    • Keep breakouts at bay  
    • Improve the texture of the skin  
    • Moisturise the skin  
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