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    Over the years, you may have observed the shift from makeup to skincare and now from skincare, it's time to shift to self-care. And what’s better than resorting to a time-tested, thriving science of self-care that has been around for thousands of years?

    The ‘Science of Life’ Ayurveda adopts a holistic, rather layered definition of beauty that talks about the 3 pillars. These include- Roopam (the outer beauty), Gunam (inner beauty) and Vayastyag (lasting beauty). With this definition, Ayurvedic wisdom aligns beauty with the body, mind and consciousness and talks about how beauty is something that focuses on our “whole”, “balanced” “self”.

    Let’s see what A-BEAUTY, the ancient but very modern and integral concept of Ayurvedic beauty has to offer.

    Ayurvedic skincare, with its elaborate massage routines and marma science, allows for self-care and wellness to co-exist with beauty, rather than contradicting it the way high coverage makeup and chemical-based skincare does!

    Ayurvedic Beauty shifts its focus from the kind of beauty that is just skin deep or unrealistic, or unattainable or toxic to the type of beauty that's holistic, centered on wellness, balance, calm and self-care. Therefore, to put it simply, Ayurvedic beauty is nothing but the one that is based on rituals or our “habitude”.


    Sent that mail here, finished that task there, wrapped up all your deliverables of the day and even somehow left the traffic behind. All done and dusted, you finally get home...


    Probably you work from home or work for home and after finishing up that 100th chore, you finally call it a day...

    At the end of the day, during dinner, you savour some content and scroll past tons of clutter on your phone. Finally, you stop at an old friend’s profile and nostalgic smiles get occasionally interrupted by unmindful bites of your favourite “comfort food”.

    Post dinner, you are wide awake into the night looking through clearly avoidable reels. Many such unproductive late nights are often followed by THAT BLARING 5 AM alarm that is promptly snoozed with a promise to start afresh BUT the next day. That tomorrow NEVER comes and it ALWAYS leads to many dull, exhausting, guilt-ridden days. 

    Contrary to our will to be more loving, more mindful, and energetic each passing day, our busy, hectic lives, unnatural lifestyle choices coupled with unhealthy “EMOTIONAL EATING” with little to no exercise often leaves us tired, grumpy, and most importantly trapped in a rut of reduced productivity.

    What’s worse, gadget-focused leisure activities along with our stressful modern days make joyous, satiated, and inspired living increasingly difficult.


    Instead, we can do so by harmonizing our personal habits DAILY with the natural energies that exist within and around us. By GRADUALLY striking a healthy balance of getting in sync with nature and ourselves, we can nip old, draining, straining habits right in the bud while fostering small but valuable self-care practices

    Just picking a self-care ritual is not so difficult because let’s face it- Who doesn’t need some “me-time”? But in doing so, we end up setting huge milestones for ourselves. Focusing more on smaller, simpler everyday practices than setting impractical goals all at once is the key to self-care. Doing this can swiftly release our guilt for not sticking to a regimen and relieve us from stressing over complex self-care routines.

    Setting up realistic wellness and beauty goals of consistency and mindfulness can change the way we perceive, interact, and engage with our bodies.


    Ayurvedic Beauty gives you a chance to fall into mind-easing, beauty-boosting, and wellness-promoting routines step-by-step. You can streamline your daily lifestyle patterns and enjoy a more energetic, enlightened, and healthier life! Yes! You can look and feel your effervescent self, gain deep Ayurvedic wisdom and effortlessly fall into a fitness and beauty promoting routine in less than 10 minutes and without expensive salon treatments with the best of your own self, Nature and Ayurveda.

    Here’s how!


    Abhyanga or the ancient practice of massage is the simplest, most effective and super nourishing form of not just skincare BUT also self-care. The whole ritual of mindfully oiling the skin helps boost your body, your hair, your face and helps you escape into a meditative space, reach a calm state of being and eventually push your body and mind’s potential to do more.

    Oiling the face, hair or body mindfully not only melts away all signs of lethargy but also helps overcome the unsettled feelings one experiences immediately after a long day at work or right upon waking up.

    The most INSTANT result of such a ritual is reaching that grounded state that gives you a feeling that you’d get after drinking up adequate water or eating clean for months.

    And that’s not all. The ancient practice of Abhyanga adds a glow to the skin, a spring to your step and calm to your overall being

    When you set aside even 5-10 minutes of your day to oil yourself, you experience something surreal, something supremely satisfying. Oiling oneself either in the quiet hours of the day or the bustling quarter of the evening helps you steal some quality time in calm contemplation. As you start with the massage, you gently begin conversing with yourself. With every stroke, as the massage oil glides into your skin, you show your body love and gratitude for holding up each day.

    Every circular motion along your face helps send positive signals of warmth. This becomes even more benefiting when done with an appropriate oil.

    Oil due to its sara or ‘easily spreading’ nature, lovingly penetrates deep into the body and helps you enjoy the pleasures of some me-time. It reaffirms your connection with your own self and shows how every inch of your body deserves to be loved and taken care of. 

    Oiling the face, hair or even the body from head to toe when you feel dull and dry, can easily add a pleasant glow to the skin. And that’s not all- it even gives an energetic warm-up to a brand-new morning and a reassuring pick-me-up post a busy day.


    According to Ayurveda, our bodies house 108 hidden seats of “life” or “Jeeva” in the Marma points or ‘marmas’.

    Wonder what we’re talking about? Marma points are certain points on our bodies that may seem like the casual connection of tissues and fluids but are much more than just that. They are vital seats of ‘life’, that can also be described as “prana” or the absolute basis of all physical and psychological processes.

    Quite like acupuncture or martial arts, these marmas evoke certain reactions on being rubbed or when subtly stimulated.

    Marma points respond to adjustment, stimulation, or manipulation to clear blockages, increase energy, and start a free flow of life force or “prana”.  

    AND Ayurvedic practitioners even believe that marma points can be used as ‘pranic’ buttons or switches to modify the level of prana or energy in our bodies.This is the oldest way to tap into the secret reserves of energy that can not only boost our wellness but also beauty. 

    This is simply done by stimulating these with natural, polyherbal oils. Let’s dig deeper into the physical and psychological powers vested in them. The potential of the marmas can best be understood by tangible experiences - like a rejuvenating spa or message session that gets you relaxed inside out!

    Most massages become effective when marma therapy is used with aromatic or herbal oils. During a massage, when the marma points are rubbed, pressured, or stimulated with oil, they smile and open up. Such a massage also cleanses any negativity that gets stored in the marmas and infuses them with more energy, glow, and all things nice. You’d know that most Ayurvedic facials and spa treatments work on this principle. 

    Once you understand the potential of marmas, you can try the Marma technique on your own and up level your skincare and self-care regime, promote roopam, gunam and vayastag or youthfulness while dislodging all the worries trapped in and around your marmas.

    Here’s how: 

    • If you're someone who holds sensations of stress on the face, work on the 17 marma points located all across the face. Refer to the points shown in the image to get a head start.  
    • Tap the congested, tensed and tired marmas with light pressure and perform soothing counterclockwise sun circles
    • You can start with zigzag movements in the area between the brows, above the brows, around the eyes, along the nostril flares, at the corners of the mouth, etc. 

    Using the Ayurvedic techniques of Marma & Massage, you can unlock the secrets to skincare that are not just skin deep but long lasting. Additionally, by applying these principles of Ayurvedic Beauty, you can: 

    Exude glow, radiance and youthfulness inside out 

    Firm the look of the sensitive areas of the eyes 

    Breathe new life into each tissue and let your skin glisten with a gorgeous unignorable glow

    Ayurvedic beauty is closely tied to self-care but not far from skincare either because A-Beauty is sustainable skincare that co-exists with holistic wellness. The one that utilizes polyherbal Ayurvedic formulations, easy-to-do spot massages and techniques that have been passed on for thousands of years to not only improve HOW YOU LOOK but also HOW YOU FEEL.

    All these open up a path of safe and effective skincare that NOT ONLY HELPS reduce the look of aging skin, acne, pigmentation, spots BUT ALSO enhances your CONFIDENCE to look and feel good while giving you AN ESCAPE from temporary solutions, false promises, short-lived effects and nasty chemicals of all sorts!

    Daily, on using pure, powerful Ayurvedic potions for your skin, one can gradually strengthen, clarify and brighten it without using layers of makeup, high-coverage concealer or harmful boosters.

    Just how daily on massaging the body you can ✔ add more energy to the day ✔ more flexibility to your movements and ✔ more spirit to your life!

    Daily, on incorporating the techniques of A-beauty along with the right Ayurvedic formulations or oils, you get to enjoy more freedom and confidence to do more with each passing year while needing quick fixes and ‘fix-ups’ less and less.

    Yes, the focus on DAILY is the real essence of A-Beauty!

    And the best part- weaving A-beauty into your busy lifestyle just got easier. You can do it without any excessive planning or dedicating a significant chunk of your day to stimulating your marmas or performing Abhyangas. Instead, you can reap all their benefits in a matter of 5-10 minutes and just a few drops daily! 

    Wonder how? Well picking the right oil formulations is key and here’s how that’s done!

    Try this super-convenient, time-tested, effective way to incorporate Ayurveda into your everyday!

    Choose the right oil, right here!