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Oils can be the most effective products in your Beauty & Wellness closet.

VARAASA's collection of oils give instant results that can be addictive as they are packed with all of nature's goodness. However, it can seem confusing to decide how to flawlessly add an oil into your beauty routine and to know the right one for your face, body or hair type.

This simple Oil Selector Key helps you navigate the world of Varaasa's oils and recommends the best formulations that suit you. 



You deserve the best.  And let’s face it, we all crave for a flawless, glowing skin. But with new products constantly hitting the shelves, it becomes difficult to choose what’s going to work best for you.

Each skin care routine is as unique and individual as the person following it. If you want to find the best skin care products that suit your skin type, we’ve got you!   


There is a difference between a gleaming highlight that accentuates your cheekbones and a greasy slickness that could lead to regular breakouts, acne, blackhead, whiteheads and what not!

Luckily, we have a completely natural solution to your problem.

Discover our range of Varaasa face oils that would alleviate your oily skin concerns and give you clear natural, matte skin.

And here’s the clincher: these products won’t dry out your skin!  

Overnight Glow Elixir

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Dealing with dry, flaky skin? Then you’d know that there are only a few things worse than wrinkly, irritating, dry skin. Be it summers, winters, or any seasons in between, more often than not, moisturisers seem inefficient to give you the soft, supple glow that you deserve.

Have a look at our face oils that are specifically targeted at conferring moisture and hydration to dull, dry skin.

These oils are neither too light nor too heavy, giving you the perfect glow!

Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo

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Do different parts of your skin have different needs? We understand that it could be tricky finding the apt skincare product that could help you find the perfect balance.

These products, specifically tailored to address your skin care needs, can help you put together a perfect skin care routine for a happy complexion!

Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo

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Overnight Glow Elixir

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Aging Skin 

Preventing the appearance of aging in today’s world could be painfully expensive and baffling. However, it’s never too late or too early to start using 100% natural products that could help with appearance of aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

We, at Varaasa, have products to address your aging skin care needs, leaving your skin with a more radiant, glowing complexion not just to look younger, but also feel younger and healthy! 

Overnight Glow Elixir

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Finding products that are effective yet gentle enough for your can prove to be extremely difficult. The skincare industry is filled with toxin-laden chemical products that do more harm than good to your sensitive skin.

But with Varaasa oils you need not worry about exposing your skin that might be even remotely harmful . These oils not only give you the benefits of authentic Ayurvedic ingredients but are also kind to your skin! 

Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo

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Can't Decide?

To determine your skin type, start by washing off your face. Make sure you do not apply any products after that. Wait for two hours and look for these signs:   

Appears shiny and greasy especially towards the latter half of the day, make-up does not stay on, visibly enlarged pores especially on the nose, chin and forehead, prone to acne, blackheads, pimples etc.


Feels dehydrated, flaky or itchy, rough patches and tight skin. 


A mix of oily and dry skin. Often, T-zones are oily, and cheeks feel dry.  


Appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, noticeable loss of elasticity.


Feels a little itchy, irritated and is red in tone. Reacts to artificial fragrances or chemicals. 



As skin care routines have become more complicated over time with the variety of brands and their products available, and its definition having become much wider in scope and understanding, we’re here to help you out!

As you begin your body care quest, we hope to help you find the best product that suit your body care needs, through research and time-tested formulas.  


Vexing muscles and joints can put a stop to your daily activities, and getting 100% natural, Ayurvedic support could prove heavy on your pocket…But not anymore!

Our range of Ayurvedic body oils are targeted to relieve your tired muscles and joints and promote attractiveness and longevity. 

Joint Care

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Caring for a sensitive skin type can often become a task. The frequent sunburns, persistent rashes and breakouts, flaking or itching can render your skin uncomfortable.

Which is why we bring to you this fine body oil that suits your sensitive skin, without having to put a big dent in your wallet. 

For Dry Skin 

When ordinary body creams or lotions prove incapable of keeping your dry skin moisturised and nourished for long periods of time, you need natural formulations that are targeted to keep dry skin at bay without having to re-apply them every few hours!  

Assimilate these into your daily body care routine and keep skin soft and healthy  

Mashaya Strengthening All-Over Body Oil

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Hair fall, roughness, thinning, dryness, sadly, our tresses have faced it all! But surprisingly, our answers to these concerns come in the form of an amber bottle filled with Ayurveda’s secret hair oils.

So, yes, what we’re saying is that whatever your hair care problem is, Ayurveda has discovered an oil for it, and we couldn’t be more happier!

So, whether you’re fretting over dryness or stressing over more hair in your brush than your head, here are some of Varaasa’s hair oils tailored for your specific concern.  


No matter how much we pamper our hair and scalp by using expensive hair care products, it takes no time for it to return back to its limp, dull and lifeless state.

More often than not, limp, dull hair can be caused due to various reasons such as stress, pollution, excessive use of chemical laden hair care products, heat styling and many more.
However, nature has a way of showering its generous bounty of remedies and solutions that are effective in getting back the strength, volume and shine.  


Right from a lacking diet to chemical-laden styling products to pollution, a myriad of factors can lead to your hair turning dry, rough and dehydrated.

Dry, rough hair is truly a bane. Not only does it look lustre-less, but has long-lasting impacts such as split ends, breakage, brittleness.

Well, in such a case, what you need are our Ayurvedic hair oil formulated keeping in mind your specific dry, rough hair concerns with ingredients that can tackle the unmanageable mess.  

For Flaky Scalp  

Everyone loves snow. And it can look like it snowed on your shoulders. Alas! Only if it melted like snow! Flaky scalp could be genetic in nature or be the after-effects of health concerns or could be because of a simple reason such as not drinking enough water.   

 But with this nature’s essence in a bottle, the shedding of dead skin cells can be dealt with effectively.   


Everyone wants to know how to prevent hair loss. Or at least it’s reassuring to know that there’s some recourse out there in case one ever gets there 😉

While there are a lot of tricky devices and procedures that promise to be the revolution- there are very rare things that actually work.

And Ayurveda is one of them. This oil work their magic by plunging deep into the hair roots and strengthening them from within.  

Still Not Sure About Which Oils Suit You Best? 

If you are still feeling uncertain about what oil to choose for your skin, hair and body care needs, do not fret! Sign Up for a consultation with a renowned Ayurvedic practioner with over 15 years of experience, FREE OF COST! With this personalised consultation you can get a detailed understanding about your concerns and what products can help tackle them, with just a few clicks on your phone.