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    Access Life-Transforming, Easy-to-follow Ayurvedic Advice to Reinstate Balance , Dramatic yet Sustainable Diets on Holistic Nutrition, Unique & Effective Techniques to Manage Health Conditions and more - straight from Highly-Experienced & Trained Ayurvedic Experts in our latest online video course plan that will change the way you live! 

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    With 17+ courses, 70+ hours of digital content, Professional Ayurvedic Advice and More 

    What you’ll get:  


    17+ downloadable courses authored by top Ayurvedic experts  


    More than 70 hours of interactive video sessions at the comfort of your home


    Unbelievable economical prices less than the expense of a pizza per month  


    Basics of Ayurveda to welcome weight loss, sharpen memory, improve every day's sleep, balance mental health and more in your life.  


    Easy to grasp content with concise highlights of every course at the end


    100% satisfaction along with a promise of 60 days money back

    What you’ll learn?

    Improve stress management:

    Discover how to use specific Ayurvedic techniques-so you can manage your everyday stress, perform better in daily activities and get the most out of life  

    Enhance beauty care:

    Say forever goodbye to your aging process and create your own beauty regime built solely with natural Ayurvedic ingredients. These keep your skin fresh, smooth and young at all times.  

    Increase your flexibility:

    Give Ayurveda a chance to gently condition your mind and body to adjust in varied life situations. Increase your immune system and stamina to deal with everyday tasks efficiently throughout the day.  

    Adopt healthy living:

    Develop a mindful living style, and more youthful body with simple Ayurvedic tips that stay with you forever. Balance your mind, body, spirit and social wellbeing and attain perfect health.  

    Defy all imbalances:

    Learn the age old Ayurvedic secrets of eliminating persistent diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, uncontrollable blood pressure and more that trouble you every now and then in life.  

    Gain a peaceful living:

    Improve your work-life balance and slip into a harmonious living environment with Ayurveda. See yourself acquiring a tranquil life that you always wish to attain one day.  


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