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    An authentic, traditional, beauty and wellness platform with its roots in the 5000-year-old science, The Ayurveda Experience is the pioneer of effective and genuine Ayurveda.

    With a growing customer base of more than 4,00,000+ across the globe and almost 150 countries, The Ayurveda Experience has emerged as the quintessential 100% natural, Ayurvedic platform that caters to the contemporary wellness and lifestyle needs of all its modern users through informative educational videos and pure and premium skin and hair care solutions.

    Our aim has been to further the global perception of Ayurveda to go beyond ‘just natural’. As Indians, we think of the ancient science of life with utmost pride – a traditional, 5,000-year-old system that has evolved from the quest to lead a happy life, from a deep understanding of creation and its continuity.

    And as this ancient science still perseveres to hold an unparalleled importance in each Indian household even today – be that drinking a glass of milk meshed with turmeric to ward off illnesses or applying aloe vera gel to soothe irritated skin or the extra special ‘abhyanga’ that a new mother is given, the philosophies of Ayurveda stay immortal, ingrained in each one of us through centuries! However, with the growing global competition, the ethics of this traditional system are often compromised.

    Our focus, at The Ayurveda Experience, has been to take this perpetual story of health and wellness from each Indian household and make it a universal, global experience without ever compromising on the quality and efficacy of each dollop with The Ayurveda Experience’s brand name, employ 21st century mechanisms to popularize this 5,000-year-old science and enable it to suit each one’s contemporary needs.

    Now in India – the land of Ayurveda’s inception – with the same export-quality premium products, we aim to help you explore a unique version of yourselves.







    VARAASA | Heritage Ayurveda 

    A brand specially developed for India, VARAASA draws upon India’s unique, rich medicinal, cultural, scientific and artistic heritage, finding its origins in two words: “Vaarsa” and “Viraasat” both meaning ‘heritage’ or ‘inheritance’.

    As the authentic Ayurvedic brand for India available on this leading-edge platform that caters to the contemporary beauty and wellness needs of the modern user, each bottle and box contain the profound beauty and the fathomless heritage of India’s rich culture through its very own Science of Life – Ayurveda.

    VARAASA aims to bring international quality standards for the homeland of Ayurveda, with authentic, heritage formulas taken from ancient texts and enable the people of India to experience a globally celebrated experience when it comes to personal care, with products proudly made in India itself. 


    With the aim of developing a holistic, comprehensive, genuinely Ayurvedic healthcare formulas, The Ayurveda Experience hosts a variety of easy-to-comprehend yet high-utility educational courses on the platform, bringing centuries-old proven wisdom to the comfort of your homes through HD multimedia programs.

    With topics ranging from application of Ayurvedic philosophies to modern lives, to women’s health to Ayurveda’s approach to diet, our courses have their roots in unraveling modern problems and relating it to Ayurvedic knowledge garnered over centuries.

    The fine courses are designed and effectuated in partnership with celebrated authors across the globe, demonstrating age-old wisdom from a fresh, modern perspective. It allows us to bring to the fore world’s most innovative and educational Ayurvedic video courses aimed at enriching lives.

    By taking learning to the next level through HD Multimedia Programs, free e-textbooks and easy applicability of the Ayurvedic philosophy, our courses help you embark on your journey of understanding Ayurveda closely so that you can be your healthiest and happiest self, the best version of you.  


    In the age of toxins and chemicals, The Ayurveda Experience has, time and again, proven its determination to stick to natural, premium, effective and genuine results. The goal has been to unravel the mysteries contained in the Ayurvedic texts and help the world realize the power of Ayurvedic Wellness.

    But more importantly, The Ayurveda Experience aims to destigmatize beauty and lifestyle choices through real, frank and open conversations. Through our range of skin and hair care products and educational video courses that help in being one with nature, we, at The Ayurveda Experience, endeavor to achieve the authenticity and ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and spread it across the world.


    The code of conduct at The Ayurveda Experience revolves around providing 100% natural and effective solutions to modern lifestyle issues.

    Diversity and inclusion are important values when it comes to The Ayurveda Experience. And here, at The Ayurveda Experience, it’s always about the customer and reproducing the inclusive ethos of Ayurveda as a science, which is why we have formulated a range of products that deal with various kinds of issues we go through at different stages in our lives! 

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