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    Ayurveda On Diseases

    Ayurveda and Auto-Immune Diseases

    Manage your auto immune conditions effectively with natural foods and simple excercises along with Dr. Akil in this course. 

    Ayurveda and IBD

    Get a holistic perspective on IBD, know authentic Ayurvedic tips to manage gut health naturally, consume daily detox foods and practice simple stress management techniques. 

    Ayurveda and Diabetes

    Identify the root cause of high sugar, know the top Ayurvedic secrets to a healthy body and tailor your everyday diet without compromising on your favourite foods with this course. 

    Ayurveda & Thyroid Health

    Let the integration of Ayurvedic wisdom and modern integrative medicine in this course offer a thorough understanding of several thyroid disorders, their underlying causes and suggest natural herbs for a healthy you. 

    Ayurveda on Chronic Stress, Anxiety & Depression

    Address everyday chronic stress issues Ayurvedically without any drugs and know ways to stay healthy and happy with this uniquely designed course. 

    Ayurveda and Heart Disease

    With this course, practice the best of physical regimens and natural foods for healthy heart conditions and protect it from any major risk factors in life. 


    "I’ve been thrilled with all of the products I’ve purchased with The Ayurveda Experience!"

    - Shivanka D.


    Liked it !

    Was always interested in Ayurveda and liking the videos here. Still haven't gone through all of them, but would recommend it for others who are interested.

    - Akriti

    Diet & Nutrition

    Effortless Weight Loss - 21-day Ayurvedic Detox Diet

    This exclusive course is an easy to follow, practical and result oriented 21-day Ayurvedic weight loss plan to help you to not just lose weight but feel great both mentally and physically. 


    Integrate Ayurvedic wisdom and principles of a Paleo Diet like following a healthy routine, physical regimen and intermittent fasting to keep your body in balance with this course always. 

    Ayurvedic Detox

    With this course, apply time tested Ayurvedic approaches to remove toxins from the body, strengthen digestive system, know essential dietary recommendations and detox naturally. 

    The Ayurvedic Secrets of Digestion

    Learn to keep your digestive metabolisms strong, know the 8 Ayurvedic rules of healthy digestion and tackle various digestive conditions with this one-of-a-kind course. 


    Holistic Nutrition - Ayurveda on Diet and Nutrition for Vata, Pitta, Kapha

    Understand how food can be a powerful medicine to fight diseases, get rid of excessive kilos and boost good Ayurvedic health with this powerful course. 


    Emotions & Digestive Disorders

    Balance your doshas, heal your emotional issues, practice detox techniques and make your digestive system strong with unique Ayurvedic approaches in this course. 


    New Age Ayurveda

    Modern Ayurveda - Dual Benefits of Yoga and Ayurveda - Diet, Exercise, Detox

    Discover the beauty of combining sister sciences of Yoga and Ayuveda, make way for healthy habits, build immunity and boost energy reserves with this course.  

    The Ayurvedic Woman - Ayurveda on Female Reproductive Health, Menstural Cycle and Menopause

    Learn about proven Ayurvedic approaches to women's health with simple and practical tips for dealing with menstruation, anxiety, physical body changes and other discomforts

    Ayurveda & Metabolic Syndrome - Diagnosis, Risk Factors & Recovery

    Know the Ayurvedic techniques to beat Metabolic Syndrome, heal your gut health and develop a healthy relationship with food with this course. 

    Ayurveda for Practitioners

    The Kansa Course

    With this course, learn the healing tricks of using Ayurveda's favourite tool, Kansa Wand for a calming body massage, beauty enhancement and deep relaxation like never before. 

    Tibetan Blissful Sleep

    With this unique course, experience a quality sleep, achieve a relaxing state of life, eliminate all life's stress moments and feel lighter everyday.


    Review of AAA subscription programe

    I had always been interested in learning more about Ayurveda. But I never had the chance to learn and was looking for a useful resource. While scrolling down on the internet one day, I came across this program by The Ayurveda Experience. I am very happy with the lessons as I have learnt a lot already.

    - Namita

    Ayurveda on Lifestyle 

    Ayurveda and Brain Health

    Keep your memory active & healthy, let your brain performance improve drastically and maintain an optimal mind function with powerful & practical Ayurvedic tips in this course. 

    Ayurveda & Anti-Aging

    With knowledge from Ayurveda, Chinese and Herbal medicine integrated in this multi-disciplinary course, learn unique Ayurvedic tips to age gracefully for a healthier and happier tomorrow. 

    Sattvic Mind - Ayurvedic Secret to Mental Health & Emotional Bliss

    This course is well-designed programme to help you conquer a balanced state of mental and emotional health with proven Ayurvedic techniques that go a long way. 


    Ayurveda & Others

    Tibetan Shirodhara

    Experience an Unparalleled Journey into a Peaceful and Profoundly Deep State of Relaxed Awareness through this mind-clearing and awakening process that has become a standard in many spas and among individual therapists throughout the world! 


    The Ayurveda Experience - Fundamentals of Ayurveda on Diet, Exercise, Meditation, Beauty and Body Work - Digital

    The Ayurveda Experience is a basic course on the fundamentals of Ayurveda, it is perfect for beginners to learn the theory behind the science.

    Ayurveda & Sexual Wellness

    Ayurveda & Sexual Wellness is a one of a kind course by an Ayurvedic practitioner, a teacher, a nutritionist, an herbal medicine specialist- Todd Caldecott, revealing small Rasa-Replenishing changes in your lifestyle that can bring you in a state of sexual wellness.


    Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga

    Discover Your Body's Secret, Self-Healing Points And Learn To Activate Them Using Ancient, Ayurvedic Sagacity Every Day at Home or in a Professional Setting through a Technique from the Himalayan Mountains!


    Ayurveda & You - Beginners Course in Ayurveda - Know all about the three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha

    Ayurveda & You is a perfect guide for Ayurveda newbies. In this introductory course, you will discover your unique dosha (body type) and learn how to make dosha-specific changes in your life to build your strength and correct your personal imbalances to work towards optimal health

    Ayurveda & Pulse Reading

    Learn Ayurvedic Pulse Reading and Decode Your Body’s Most Powerful Messaging System to Diagnose Hidden Imbalances, And Nip Disease in the Bud!



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