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Skin Type: Normal to Combination
Age: 35
Wonderful product!!



Good I got both the night and day oil. It was worth the money and the dryness is reduced a lot and people are complimenting for the same. The only oil which has not given any acne. Loved it and definitely gonna keep using it.

Skin Type: Oily
Skin Concern: all
The Best Night Skin care product

I am giving this review after using 20days. I have noticed changes within 10 days and after 20 days my skin feels very bright and clear, firm, young. I have tried so many night creams, ayurvedic skincare therapies, and prescribed products to get rid of my sunburn and tanned skin. I was completely tired of waiting for the results for up to 2 or 3 months. later I must go for further follow-ups but still the results were not satisfactory, lots of discouragements, loss of money time, so many chemical products on social media. I got a product where I can freely breathe without applying layers of chemical products at night and easy go products from actually here especially these products are part of my daily life, the results are amazing, friends started noticing the results, I am very much happy to write this review and thanks to the entire team.
The results are amazing, top-notch, excellent, beautiful results, no words for negative comments. I recommend this to all women who are losing money in parlors, treatments, social media products which makes us in dilemma to choose the best product.
this product recovers all skin problems, blemishes, scars, texture, dark spots, dullness, pimples, tan, etc in a short time.


I always glow 😆
Using this product will maintain my glow, worth it!


I love this product, I tried many things for my face but never got any result, but this product is just the one I was looking for, I just love using it. I can feel the difference after the started using it for a week. So I repeated the order. Thank you so much..

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion
Apeksha Singh (India)
Skin Type: Normal to Combination
Skin Concern: None
Age: 29
Worked like magic !!!

I received under eye cream on March 22 and been using since then and it's been a month so I think I am eligible for unbiased review. I received messages for reviewing it but I made sure that I'll do it once I see the result. So here it is - I have used 3-4 branded company's under eye cream earlier and believe me this is the first product that gave such wonderful result. I was sceptical at first since this was my first experience with TAE, and with my wedding in 2 months but I read all the ingredients, other reviews and also the on budget price of the product. 1 month down now and Woah!!! I was unsure whether I am really seeing changes or it os inside my head but when you here others complimenting you for less wrinkles under eye and dark circles almost gone you know it's working. I am extremely happy with product and the specifications as well as the explanation of the ingredients used for this product. It really did wonders!! Thank you TAE <3
Product 10/10
Fragrance 10/10
Ease of use 10/10

Anti-Acne Duo
P.N. (India)


Nirujam Joint Care
Kabir A (India)
Age: 38
Wish I had tried this earlier..!!!

I have been suffering from Osteoarthritis in the Knees for the past 2 years, beginning of the pandemic was on medication. I have tried several medicines/oils, however, no appropriate relief. However, this joint oil has done wonders for me, I can climb up the stairs with less stress, less pain, and used it daily for the past 5 days. I'm certain will get more benefits. Thank you customer service line for recommending this product. 🙏

Manjasvini Overnight Glow Elixir
Livleen Anand (India)
Skin Type: Dry
Skin Concern: Pigmentation and fine lines
Age: 54yrs

Excellent product. It really worked on my skin and skin becomes very clear and soft. I just do not use any other product available in the market.

Nirujam Joint Care
C.b.B. (India)

After using first ointment i have ordered 2nd one for my wife and recommending for my friends also.




Gunjadi Tailam
S.K. (India)
Age: 45
Really works on hair issues

My relative has had alopecia since few years,there was no hope of hair regrowinh.
I bought the oil for him and i guess it's about twenty five days and we can already feel that the sheer smoothness has been replaced with very fine tiny hair.
I don't know if they will stay like this or grow thicker but yes the product is the reason behind the fine growth.

Skin Type: Normal to Combination
Skin Concern: No
Age: 35
Review for Youthamrit Pro-Age Protein Essence

First of all presentation is superb. You will get very positive vibes while unpacking this product.
After using this oil, My family members has given me compliments for the glow on my face. Definitely one should try this one. I like this product and going to explore more products under this brand.


The product is very good. Light and highly absorbent, also smells like the authentic ingredients used and not some artificial fragrance.

Loved yhe Packaging

I received today and loved the packaging. Will update about the results asap. But the oil was amazing and it did give golden touch but yeah too early to comment about it’s effectiveness. I have added a picture of after washing my face with their face wash and de tan oil with absolutely nothing else on my face.


Nirujam Joint Care
A.M. (India)

The Nirujam oil is excellent. It helped my leg pain when I got Omicron. I recommended it to some of my friends, all of whom had the same reaction as I did, that it was really good. I am waiting to use the oil for reducing hair fall and will give my feedback. Thank you

Age: 21
The BEST hair oil I've ever used!!!!

I've always had dry and frizzy hair and no amounts of oiling or hair masks would help but in just a couple of uses of Lomashir everything has changed!! My hair has never felt this soft and silky before and I just can't stop touching it. Friends and family have commented on how much better my hair looks and feels. I'm truly in awe of what this oil has done for me, I love that the texture is not too sticky and the aroma is floral and very pleasant. I'm a fan for life!!!

Age: 39
Awesome product

Really happy with the product. My hair fall is better plus my hair quality has improved since I started using this. Thank you for the wonderful product.

Rukshamya Scalp Saving Hair Softener
Aayush Ramchander (India)
Age: 24
Good product

Helped make my hair very smooth & reduced dandruff but its a bit expensive compared to other hair oils, however I saved some money using a coupon from GrabOn so I give it 4 stars


I fond the Kalaunya hair potion excellent product. Till now i applied times only, but found a remarkable softness, shine in my hair. Also, my hair loss is much less.
Thank you very much.


Nirujam Joint Care
L.P. (India)

Got immediate relief Oil cured me in a day which even after days if oral medication I din get relief.