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    Manjasvini PRO 10% off 800x800.jpg__PID:1d9eb846-2d4d-423f-a2c3-b3a1da0d0a72

    Manjasvini PRO Face Elixir

    Glow-Giving Night-Time Face Oil

    Clinically Tested to brighten, even-tone, firm, moisturise skin & reduce appearance of wrinkles, this night time face oil will make dull, tired-looking skin come alive, 100% Naturally!

    Rs. 699.00
    Safranyam 10% off 800x800.jpg__PID:9868df1d-9eb8-462d-8de2-3f62c3b3a1da

    Safranyam Saffron Light Facial-Halo

    Glow-Boosting & Brightening Face Oil

    Clinically tested to Brighten & Moisturise in just 4 weeks, this face oil is a signature blend of precious saffron, rose, turmeric, and more. A light and gentle formula that moisturises the face without making it oily.

    Rs. 649.00
    Nirujam 10% off 800x800.jpg__PID:68df1d9e-b846-4d4d-a23f-62c3b3a1da0d

    Nirujam Joint Care

    Best-Selling Ultimate Massage Oil for Joints

    Massage away joint pain, muscle pain, back and neck pain, stiffness of muscles and a tired body Ayurvedically. Nirujam is a legendary formula that surprises you with how well it works!

    Rs. 699.00
    Murchhita Erand 25% off 800x800.jpg__PID:df1d9eb8-462d-4de2-bf62-c3b3a1da0d0a

    Murchhita Erand Tail

    Classical Ayurvedic Oil for Effective Relief from Abdomen Ailments

    A classical Ayurvedic formulation that is recommended in Ayurvedic text ‘Bhavaprakash Nighantu’ for getting relief from abdomen issues.

    Rs. 499.00
    Rs. 549.00
    Lomashir 50% off 800x800.jpg__PID:9eb8462d-4de2-4f62-83b3-a1da0d0a72e6

    Lomashir Lustre Lift 

    Heavenly Hair Oil for Lustre, Softness & Sheen

    A traditional, vegan, polyherbal hair elixir that will help you ditch dull hair days. It brings the 'King of Hair' Bhringraj together with herbs like Sacred Lotus to make your hair more manageable and beautiful.

    Rs. 449.00
    Rs. 699.00

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