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Step 1

Nucinel Makeup Remover & Gentle Cleansing Fluid

Pre-cleanse and remove traces of makeup with

Nucinel Makeup Remover & Gentle Cleansing Fluid

Ultra-Gentle Cleanser for Clear, Baby-Soft and Glowing Skin

A skin soothing & nourishing cleansing fluid with brightening Louts Seeds that pre-cleanses the skin and removes light makeup without irritating skin or eyes, leaving clear, baby-soft and glowing skin.​

Rs. 549.00

Step 2

Nicumin Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly

Deeply cleanse & clarify the skin with

Nicumin Brightening Face Cleansing Jelly

Brightening Soap-Free & Non-Irritating Face Wash 

Even-toning face cleanser enriched with Black Seed, Niacinamide, Liquorice to deeply cleanse and add a feeling of freshness without being harsh or disturbing the oil and moisture balance of the skin. 

Rs. 599.00

Step 3

Manjasvini Overnight Glow Elixir

Moisturise the face with 4 drops of 

Manjasvini Overnight Glow Elixir

Nighttime Facial Massage Oil for Gold-Like Glow

Works while you sleep to give clear-looking, firmed and bright skin resulting in glowing mornings with an even-toned, clear and radiant appearance. 

Rs. 699.00

Step 4

The Varaasa Wand - Face Massager

Massage away the day’s stress and tighten & tone the skin with

The Varaasa Wand - Face Massager

Traditional Ayurvedic Kansa Massage Tool

Small, light, easy-to-hold wand to provide an instant lift to the face, revitalise and de-stress and smooth the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Rs. 899.00

Step 5

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Brighten & soothe the under-and-around the eye area with

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

3 Dots to Light-Up the Under-Eye + Entire Eye Socket!

Reduce the Look of Darkened, Sad, Wrinkled Under-Eyes + Brighten + Firm + Moisturise the skin all around the eyes, not just under-eyes with Rufolia’s Manjistha-Magic. Get instant toning, soothing and moisturising effect with brightened, firmed skin over time.

Rs. 549.00

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