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  • VARAASA products are Natural, have no chemicals, binders, or additives.

    Every product is made with rare, wild-crafted herbs and prepared using a traditional Ayurvedic method of cooking the ingredients.

    We NEVER test on animals.

    Safranyam for Homepage 600x600.jpg__PID:ebd893c2-755b-4114-890b-857660a2c74b

    Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo

    Glow-Boosting & Brightening Face Oil

    Clinically tested to Brighten & Moisturise in just 4 weeks, this face oil is a signature blend of precious saffron, rose, turmeric, and more. A light and gentle formula that moisturises the face without making it oily.

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    Manjasvinin PRO 800x800.jpg__PID:6b90017a-1d5d-49a6-8926-150683eca508

    Manjasvini PRO Face Elixir

    Glow-Giving Night-Time Face Oil

    Clinically Tested to brighten, even-tone, firm, moisturise skin & reduce appearance of wrinkles, this night time face oil will make dull, tired-looking skin come alive, 100% Naturally!

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    Nirujam for Homepage 600x600.jpg__PID:3095e025-1bb6-40f3-966f-cb809eab04d3

    Nirujam Joint Care

    Best-Selling Ultimate Massage Oil for Joints

    Massage away joint pain, muscle pain, back and neck pain, stiffness of muscles and a tired body Ayurvedically. Nirujam is a legendary formula that surprises you with how well it works!

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    Youthamrit edited label 800x800.jpg__PID:098398b5-b866-4484-a5c4-c90c84ab4d7f

    Youthamrit Face Oil

    Known as ‘Amrit’ for Dry, Mature Skin

    Clinically Tested to soften, moisturise & firm the skin, this is an Urad Dal infused face oil that is best suited for dry and mature skin. What’s special about this oil is its unique suede-like finish that’s almost-matte!

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    Emblaj with Back in Stock Badge.webp__PID:c87d2fb7-5413-4d21-9a50-146353356eb6

    Emblaj Volumising Formula For Hair Fall Control

    Clinically Tested Volumising Hair Oil for hair fall, thinning and scanty hair

    A rejuvenating head massage with Emblaj adds life to strands and gives volume to the hair, making it excellent for those with thinning, scanty, low volume hair and hair fall.

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    Odores-Q new launch 800x800.webp__PID:ec9eb358-a0c1-483b-ae9d-f053a4210441

    Odores-Q 100% Natural Aromatic Body Oil

    For a Fresh, Sweet-Smelling, Natural Body Scent

    Escape the embarrassment of bad body odour not just in the stink zones but all over the body! Save yourself from bad chemicals and metals found in common deodorants as Odores-Q offers a 100% natural alternative that truly works!

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    Lumiclear new launch 800x800.webp__PID:21ea3c7c-dd6a-4f05-bd6b-03c0bcb73b55

    Lumiclear Glow Maximiser for Soft, Smooth, Bright Skin

    Clinically Tested to Soften, Smoothen, Brighten, & Even-Tone

    Flaunt a clean, vivid, exuberant complexion like never before & prepare your skin for anything that comes its way - with this Vegan wonder!

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    Acnolepa new launch 800x800.webp__PID:8cec9eb3-58a0-4138-bbae-9df053a42104

    Acnolepa – Acne Fighting Formula

    Ayurvedic Face Pack for Acne

    This Scientifically Tested 100% Natural face lepa is your ultimate acne fighting formula that soothes the skin and adds a brilliant, healthy-looking glow. 

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    Rujamrit new launch 800x800.webp__PID:9eb358a0-c138-4bae-9df0-53a421044102

    Rujamrit Lepa - Body Pain Aid

    100% Natural Powder Mask for Body 

    A unique and Scientifically Tested lepa or powder mask formulation that is Ayurvedic, easy to use and easy to customise. Regular use of this scientifically tested pain aid helps in extending effective support in pain, stiffness and soreness.

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    Tinglesoothe 800x800.jpg__PID:968935a7-641e-4001-8804-19d3ff4de4af

    Tinglesoothe Body Oil

    For Tingling & Burning Sensation

    Tridosha pacifying hand and foot massage oil that is carefully formulated using Ayurvedic ingredients recognized to soothe the pricking discomfort in the limbs.

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    Varaasa Face Wand Massager for Homepage 600x600.jpg__PID:dde5c389-e857-4a86-8c35-3c807ab04545

    The Varaasa Wand - Face Massager

    Ayurveda’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

    It is the ultimate massage tool made with an alloy of pure copper and tin. A thorough face massage using this wand can help those who wish to massage away tiredness and feel refreshed.

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    Face & Body Wand edited label Image 1.jpg__PID:70076965-1bae-4e00-b3bd-59080feed731

    The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager

    Traditional Ayurvedic Kansa Massage Tool

    Made with an alloy of pure copper and tin, this powerful and effective tool is known to help relax the muscles and promote a deep relaxing sleep.

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    Foot Wand 600x600.jpg__PID:fd526983-0d71-4b18-8ca2-6333c83766f0

    The Varaasa Wand - Foot Massager

    Ayurveda’s Best Kept Wellness Secret

    It is the ultimate massage tool made with an alloy of pure copper and tin. A thorough foot massage with this wand helps in creating a calming and cooling effect and feeling deeply relaxed.

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    DAN 600x600.jpg__PID:59ad3160-e104-4404-878d-65707374ccc5

    Day & Night Duo

    A power-packed duo made with Ayurveda’s most reputed ingredients to help you upgrade your day and night skincare regimen!

    Clinically Tested day and night oils that contain Ayurvedic Ingredients known to help enhance radiance, add a metaphorical 'gold-like' glow and moisturise and brighten the skin.


    • Safranyam Face Oil (30 ml)
    • Manjasvini PRO Face Oil (30 ml)
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    Brighten and firm.jpg__PID:d6c70b6f-bac4-4a8a-a9ae-48f19e368b0a

    Brighten & Firm Face Oil Duo - With Free Gift Box

    Take self-care up a notch with these 2 bestselling, Ayurvedic, Clinically Tested face oils!

    With Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo Face Oil & Youthamrit Face Oil, drive out dullness and get that unignorable glow & plumped-up, uber-soft, almost-matte finish on the skin!


    • Safranyam Face Oil (30 ml)
    • Youthamrit Face Oil (30 ml)
    • Free Gift Box
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