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  • VARAASA products are natural, have no chemicals, binders, or additives.

    Every product is made with rare, wild-crafted herbs and prepared using a traditional Ayurvedic method of cooking the ingredients.



    Day & Night Duo - In a Free Gift Box

    A power-packed duo made with Ayurveda’s most reputed ingredients to help you upgrade your day and night skincare regimen!

    Clinically Tested day and night oils that contain Ayurvedic Ingredients known to help enhance radiance, add a metaphorical 'gold-like' glow and moisturise and brighten the skin.

    Safranyam Face Oil (30 ml) + Manjasvini PRO Face Oil (30 ml)
    (Packed in a Free Gift Box)

    Rs. 1,348.00
    Brighten & Firm 800x800.webp__PID:1c181340-7097-48d9-b26f-a6fc77381768

    Brighten & Firm Face Oil Duo - In a Free Gift Box

    Take self-care up a notch with these 2 bestselling, Ayurvedic, Clinically Tested face oils!

    With Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo Face Oil & Youthamrit Face Oil, drive out dullness and get that unignorable glow & plumped-up, uber-soft, almost-matte finish on the skin!

    Safranyam Face Oil (30 ml) + Youthamrit Face Oil (30 ml)
    (Packed in a Free Gift Box)

    Rs. 1,298.00
    Youthful Glow Duo 800x800.jpg__PID:f66a9b04-fa42-4a52-8293-1bbb5b9cbec7

    Youthful Glow Face Oil Duo - In a Free Gift Box

    The perfect duo for all your skin needs!

    This duo contains bestselling Ayurvedic face oils that are clinically tested to soften, firm, moisturise, even tone, and brighten the skin while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles!

    Youthamrit Face Oil (30 ml) + Manjasvini PRO Face Oil (30 ml)
    (Packed in a Free Gift Box)

    Rs. 1,348.00
    Glow Facial Combo 800x800.webp__PID:18134070-97a8-4972-afa6-fc77381768a4

    Glow Facial Combo - In a Free Gift Box

    This 2-product regimen gives your skin the much-deserved Ayurvedic care every night! 

    Experience the Ayurvedic goodness of powerful ingredients like Manjishtha, Mahua, Mulethi, Lemon along with Ayurveda’s Best Kept Beauty Secret which helps make dull skin come alive with confidence, add a metaphorical gold-like glow and gives skin a radiant lift.

    Manjasvini PRO Face Oil (30 ml) + Face Massager
    (Packed in a Free Gift Box)

    Rs. 1,598.00
    No chemicals badge.webp__PID:24156a97-cb11-4654-91ab-efc900ce7f34
    Not tested on animals.webp__PID:ed0dba44-32fb-43ae-83e8-ebf5d766d86b


    Manjasvini PRO Pack of 2 800x800.jpg__PID:b534f66a-9b04-4a42-ba52-42931bbb5b9c

    Manjasvini PRO Glow-Giving Night-Time Face Elixir - Pack of 2

    Clinically Tested to Brighten, Even-tone, Firm, Moisturise Skin & Reduce Appearance of Wrinkles

    Clinically Tested to brighten, even-tone, firm, moisturise skin & reduce appearance of wrinkles, this nighttime face oil duo will make dull, tired-looking skin come alive, 100% Naturally!

    Manjasvini PRO Face Oil (30 ml) X 2

    Rs. 1,398.00
    Safranyam Pack of 2 800x800.jpg__PID:34f66a9b-04fa-427a-9242-931bbb5b9cbe

    Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo - Glow Boosting & Brightening Face Oil - Pack of 2

    Glow-Boosting & Brightening Face Oil 

    Clinically tested to Brighten & Moisturise in just 4 weeks, this face oil duo is a signature blend of precious saffron, rose, turmeric, and more. A light and gentle formula that moisturises the face without making it oily.

    Safranyam Face Oil (30 ml) X 2

    Rs. 1,298.00
    Day and Night Duo

    Nirujam Joint Care Oil - Pack of 2

    Best-Selling Ultimate Massage Oil for Joints

    With this joint care combo, massage away joint pain, muscle pain, back and neck pain, stiffness of muscles and a tired body Ayurvedically. Nirujam is a legendary formula that surprises you with how well it works!

    Nirujam Joint Care Oil (100 ml) X 2

    Rs. 1,398.00
    Youthamrit Pack of 2.webp__PID:3c79dfef-8a68-46b2-bfff-dffee55275f6

    Youthamrit Face Oil - Pack of 2

    Known as ‘Amrit’ for Dry, Mature Skin

    Clinically Tested to soften, moisturise & firm the skin, this is an Urad Dal infused face oil that is best suited for dry and mature skin. What’s special about this oil is its unique suede-like finish that’s almost-matte!

    Youthamrit Face Oil (30 ml) X 2

    Rs. 1,298.00

    What others have said about The Ayurveda Experience products


    “Best skincare ever!

    I've been using these oils for about a year now and I can vouch for the premium quality and the excellent results I've got! My skin was absolutely lifeless, dry, itchy and dull. I tried almost all the big expensive brands in the market only to get disappointed. Then I came across The Ayurveda Experience, the name itself gave me a lot of confidence, it's been a year I've been using only these oils, and I can say I'm completely hooked on for life!! A little goes a long way. Keeps the skin soft and supple, no chemicals -absolutely natural - what else can one ask for - it's magic!!”

    - Smita S.


    “Magical combo for a gorgeous skin

    I have been struggling with allergies and hormonal breakouts for the past 8 years. Tried various products and medications, every product will show promise but that won’t last... I have always believed in Ayurveda so bought this skin duo from Ayurveda experience... My skin not only started clearing up but the radiance was noticed even by neighbors. Not just friends or colleagues but neighbors too! ...using this for 4 months now and I LOVE the MAGIC. I also gifted this duo to my mom, sister and best friend. My mom had been struggling with severely wrinkled skin just under the chin for years. Nothing worked… seriously! One month of using this product magic!!! Her skin visibly tightened up. I would highly recommend this product for self or for gifting. This won’t disappoint!"

    - Krithika R.


    "I am delighted with this oil.......I must say my face looks and feels great when I have it on. I don't need make up after I apply it as my face look fresh, healthy and lovely. It applies very easily and the absorption is fantastic with no oil residue, just super soft and smooth skin. The smell is divine and not so strong, just very pleasant. My husband even commented on how nice I smell. I am so happy to have found The Ayurveda Experience and can't wait to try their other products. Thank you The Ayurveda Experience for making such an amazing product based on the ayurvedic principles with such rare and potent plants.”

    - Monika M.

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