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  • 3 Drops of This CLINICALLY PROVEN Brightness + Moisture Booster Every Morning and You Won’t Want Makeup Again!

    Drive out dullness, get that unignorable glow while keeping the fear of skin imbalances, dryness and uneven look at bay - all-day long, all-year round with the time-trusted, brightness-imparting trio of Saffron, Turmeric and Rose!




    (Pronounced as "Saf-run-yum")

    Glow-Boosting and Brightening Light Face Oil


    55% Improvement in Brightness + 71% Improvement in Moisturisation In Just 4 Weeks*

    This 1-Bottle 3-Drop answer full of “glow”rious Ayurvedic ingredients and free of stickiness, skin-scarring chemicals and toxins, is for all-skin types!

    • Saffron is known to bring subtle afterglow, clearer-looking energised skin and brightened complexion

    • Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-acne herbs like Manjishtha, Turmeric, Lodhra and more

    • Pacifies Kapha and Vata-related skin issues with herbs like Tejpatta and Sacred Lotus

    • Infused with a mix of 16+ household spices and unheard-of herbs blended and bottled in 1 light-weight day oil

    • Helps flaunt an even-toned texture and silken skin whenever you step out

    • Immerse the skin in an aromatic energizing mix of saffron, rose and turmeric while getting intense moisturisation of sesame oil that nourishes the skin without making it greasy or sticky!

    What people have said about Safranyam



    I can see that my skin has that natural glow.....the texture has improved as well..being in India, never thought I could use an oil on my face and be so happy with it..it's non greasy, just vanishes into the skin in few seconds leaving a mesmerising fragrance behind..each time I use 'safranyam' it gives me immense joy and solace that I am using a product of ayurveda with herbs without any trace of chemicals..."

    - Nidhi

    Clinically Proven


    Glow-Boosting and Brightening Light Face Oil

    Clinically Proven To Brighten & Moisturise In Just 4 Weeks

    A Signature Blend of Precious Saffron, Rose, Turmeric, Lotus, Lodhra, Vetiver, Tejpatta, Priyangu and Liquorice

    A signature blend of precious herbs, Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo is a true Beauty Elixir. This is a unique, very light-textured facial oil which is good for all skin-types.

    Contains Ayurvedic ingredients that are known to:

    Add a glow and brighten the skin

    Reduce large pores

    Keep the face looking clear

    Keep breakouts at bay

    Improve the texture of the skin

    Moisturise the skin

    Quantity: 30 ml


    (inclusive of all taxes)


    10 Day money back guarantee +

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    Free Cash on Delivery




    "Safranyam really does what it claims to do

    In love with this product and it imparts such a lovely glow to the face after the application I swear by it and definitely worth every penny spent"

    - Vanika

    How does Safranyam's 3 drops daily formula work better than other face oils?

    Well, you must have heard of the popular Kumkumadi oil that brings Kesar-like radiance to the skin? It became hugely popular as Ayurveda’s ultimate “saffron oil” - and despite that popularity many people never bought this oil again.

    Do you know why?

    Because its thick consistency made it heavy on the skin. What was worse was how this oil couldn’t be used daily- amid increasing heat, pollution and dust.

    We have all experienced the effects of both heat and pollution on our skin. Using sticky oils, heavy oils in this case would only aggravate the skin and make it more intolerant and sensitive than ever!

    So, should you go back to using chemical-laden creams instead?

    Not at all!

    We spent years cracking this catch 22 situation!

    And here’s our “solution”!

    We bring to you a little bit of history and a little science bottled up in a light face oil that gives results that neither ordinary essential oil mix-ups nor sticky traditional oils can give.

    Get ready to experience something you have never seen before with- Safranyam - a glow-boosting face oil that’s different!

    We say this...


    Despite being inspired from classical Kumkumadi Tailam, Safranyam is ENTIRELY unique. Safranyam's formulation is NOT ONLY quite different from its classical inspiration but it is also lightweight, made for all skin types and suitable for all seasons. In a way, you can think of it as a lighter version of Kumkumadi because of its glow-giving goodness and brightening brilliance BUT Safranyam comes without Kumkumadi's heaviness, without the fear of breaking out, without staining the skin or having a greasy finish or that heavy after feel.

    What's best? Safranyam carries a 3-layered intriguing aroma that's natural and both soothing and uplifting at the same time.

    Safranyam is a natural light-weight face oil that melts in like butter and disappears into the skin. The signature blend of red gold - Kesar, precious rose and the golden spice - turmeric is as classical a formulation as can be but more effective, non-greasy and considerate of the modern climate and skin intolerances.

    Safranyam’s complex formulation is not just restricted to these 3 powerful skin-brightening ingredients. Instead, it also brings the power of 19 ingredients including 16 Ayurvedic herbs in just 3 drops daily - straight into your skin. So that you can


    Experience superbly calm, moisturised skin despite the pollution around or dryness-causing freezing temperatures!


    Nourish your skin in herbaceous skin-treats despite the June heat and continue to gorge on those juicy mangoes without the fear of breaking out!


    Radiate a subtle glow while indulging in the rainy “fried feasts” without the clouds of dark spots looming over your head!

    Whatever the season, Safranyam’s 1-bottle 3-drop formula will have you covered all-day, all-year round!

    What makes Safranyam more special than other moisturisers?

    This daytime beauty elixir par excellence comes with only nutritive nourishing herbs that have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so that you do not miss out on the season’s firsts or hide behind high coverage makeup!


    Unlike heavy oils like Kumkumadi, Safranyam is super light and gentle on your skin - rather than a thick herbal concentrate - without any comprise on authentic formulation.


    Unlike other creams and thick formulations that encourage you to use “generous amounts” for “best results”- Safranyam delivers head-turning illumination in just 3 drops daily!


    What’s best- your 1 bottle will last a long time and cover all your beauty needs in just 3 tiny drops


    This oil is so light and non-greasy that it will leave you with just a soft, supple look and not an oily finish


    Safranyam has been formulated to be very gentle while staying authentic to the Ayurvedic recommendations and procedures.


    It works effectively yet gently - so that you can see results within the first week of use.


    What makes it so unique is how it offers the benefits of its herbs without being overwhelming.


    It possesses a natural rosy aroma


    Our oil is also more responsible and considerate as we do not use any endangered herbs.


    We never test any products on animals.


    All VARAASA products are vegetarian.


    Natural Moisturising face oil with 16 Skin-Herbs

    We believe in showing ALL our ingredients, not just ‘KEY INGREDIENTS’ to you beforehand! Here’s the complete list of ingredients for you to review:

    Manjishtha (Madder Root) 

    Part Used: Stem

    Benefits: Complexion Booster, Blood Purifier

    Lodhra (Symplocos Bark)

    Part Used: Stem Bark

    Benefits: Cleansing and Soothing Properties

    Musta (Nagarmotha) (Nut grass)

    Part Used: Rhizome

    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, Balances Pitta and Kapha Dosha 

    Ushira (Khas) (Cuscus grass)

    Part Used: Root

    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant  

    Yastimadhu (Liquorice Root)

    Part Used: Root, Stolon

    Benefits: Spot reduction, Anti-inflammation

    Tejpatra (Indian bay leaf)

    Part Used: Leaf

    Benefits: Skin Complexion Kapha and Vata Dosha Pacifier

    Padmakh (Mild Himalaya Cherry)

    Part Used: Heartwood

    Benefits: Coolant, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant

    Kamal (Sacred Lotus)

    Part Used: Flower

    Benefits: Anti-aging agent, Promotes complexion

    Pushkarmool (Orris Root)

    Part Used: Root

    Benefits: Imparts lustre, Anti-aging

    Haldi (Turmeric)

    Part Used: Rhizome

    Benefits: Kapha and Pitta pacifier,  Anti-bacterial

    Daruhaldi (Indian Barberry)

    Part Used: Stem

    Benefits: Glow and complexion booster

    Nagkeshar (Cobra's Saffron)

    Part Used: Stamen

    Benefits: Skin-health booster

    Palash phool (Flame of the forest)

    Part Used: Flower

    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory

    Priyangu (Beauty Berry)

    Part Used: Fruit

    Benefits: Natural Coolant,  Anti-toxins

    Nyagrodha (Vad Sal) (Banyan Tree)

    Part Used: Aerial Root

    Benefits: Complexion Booster,  Natural skin-healer

    Mohari (Yellow mustard)

    Part Used: Seed

    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory

    Vacha (Sweet Flag)

    Part Used: Rhizome

    Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant

    Kesar (Saffron)

    Part Used: Style & stigma

    Benefits: Skin brightening, Antioxidant

    Cow milk

    Benefits: Skin softener, natural cleanser

    Sesame Oil (Til Oil)

    Part Used: Oil

    Benefits: Complexion enhancer,  Vata Booster

    Aroma: Rose Indian

    Part Used: Essential oil

    What people have said about Safranyam



    This is my second purchase At first I was doubtful whether it will help my skin and whether I might not like the smell. But once I started using it I loved what it did to my face Evryone complimented about my skin texture and the smell is heavenly 😍 I’m looking forward to many purchases 🔥"

    -Sonam M.

    Clinically Proven


    Glow-Boosting and Brightening Light Face Oil

    Clinically Proven To Brighten & Moisturise In Just 4 Weeks

    A Signature Blend of Precious Saffron, Rose, Turmeric, Lotus, Lodhra, Vetiver, Tejpatta, Priyangu and Liquorice

    A signature blend of precious herbs, Safranyam Saffron-Light Facial-Halo is a true Beauty Elixir. This is a unique, very light-textured facial oil which is good for all skin-types.

    Contains Ayurvedic ingredients that are known to:

    Add a glow and brighten the skin

    Reduce large pores

    Keep the face looking clear

    Keep breakouts at bay

    Improve the texture of the skin

    Moisturise the skin

    Quantity: 30 ml


    (inclusive of all taxes)


    10 Day money back guarantee +

    Free Shipping +

    Free Cash on Delivery




    “Beautiful product..Very light oil, love the fragrance!

    I used to be scared of using oils as I have oily and acne prone skin. As a flying attendant my skin is exposed to rough conditions and needs special care. I used to spend a lot of money on international brands but now switching to natural with this wonderful oil. I really don’t like to use any compact or foundation anymore! The price is extremely affordable and the packaging is really extraordinary...”

    - Neha


    While you may know that Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice ever, what makes it priceless though is its uplifting aromatic appeal and skin and health-boosting benefits described in Classical Ayurvedic texts 'Bhavprakash' and ‘Astanga Hridaya’ that talk at length about Saffron’s properties that include:

    • Complexion enhancing

    • Vata, Pitta and Kapha balancing

    • Astanga Hridaya even advises the use of saffron in dry and cold months due to its uber-nourishing and soothing properties

    Did you also know that according to this study, Saffron offers natural UV protection?
    The effects of saffron as a natural sunscreen and moisturiser were established and showed that in equal concentrations, saffron lotion could act as a better antisolar agent compared to homosalate.*

    It also has skin brightening potential.**  In addition to this, Saffron is also rich in Vitamin B2, B3, B6 and works wonders for brightening the skin. In two clinical studies, its anti-pruritic (anti-itching) and complexion promotion effects have been established.*** 

    It also contains more than 150 carotenoid compounds including safranal, zeaxanthin, lycopene and various α- and β-carotenes along with a rich source of riboflavin.**** 

    It also has antioxidant potential and helps prevent oxidative damage.***** It also promotes wound healing by increasing re-epithelialization.****** 

    Pharmacological activities: Antianxiety, antioxidant, wound healing. Anti-tyrosinase, muscles relaxant, anti-inflammatory, analgesics.*******

     R, Sabbaghzadeh R, Poumohamad F. In-vitro antioxidant and anti-tyrosinase activity of methanol extracts from Crocus sativus flowers. Pharmacologyonline. 2011;3:1–11.)
    ***(Moshiri M, Vahabzadeh M, Hosseinzadeh H. Clinical applications of saffron (Crocus sativus) and its constituents: A review. Am J Clin Dermatol. 2008;9:15–31.) 
    ****(Abdullaev FI. (Crocus sativus L.). Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2002 Jan; 227(1):20-5.), (BHAT JV, BROKER R. Riboflavine and thiamine contents of saffron, Crocus sativus linn. Nature. 1953 Sep 19; 172(4377):544.)  
    *****(Galvano F, La Fauci L, Lazzarino G, Fogliano V, Ritieni A, Ciappellano S, Battistini NC, Tavazzi B, Galvano G. Cyanidins: metabolism and biological properties. J Nutr Biochem. 2004 Jan; 15(1):2-11.) 
    ******(Khorasani G, Hosseinimehr SJ, Zamani P, Ghasemi M and Ahmadi A. The effect of saffron (Crocus sativus) extract for healing of second-degree burn wounds in rats. Keio J Med 2008; 57 (4): 190-195).
    *******(Al-Sanfi AE. The pharmacology of Crocus sativus- a review. IOSR Journal of Pharmacy. 2016; 6(3). 08-38.) 


    • It is called Kanchani (who gives glow/ or gives shine like gold), Varvarnini (who improves the skin tone), Yoshitapriya (It is liked by ladies).

    • It has properties like Varnya (improves skin complexion) and Twaka Dosha har (protect from skin ailments). 

    • It pacifies Kapha and Pitta Doshas, reduces inflammation (Shotha), and promotes healing (Vranapaha).* 

    Because of its proposed antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, it can be used for the treatment of acne. What’s best, turmeric is also known to improve skin firmness.** 

    Another study revealed that Turmeric regulates excessive sebum secretion in persons suffering from acne and related problems.*** 
    It is effective in treating skin-aging induced by sun exposure, increased thickness, and reduction in elasticity of skin, skin injury and other problems.**** 
    And that’s not all, Turmeric too has natural UV protective effect according to this study that concludes curcumin to be a potential agent for preventing radiation-induced acute inflammation and photoaging.***** 

    Pharmacological activities: Antibacterial, Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiprotozoal, lower lipid peroxidation, antivenom, anti-allergic, antidermatophytic, hepatoprotective.******

    *(Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Haritakyadi Varga, Verse No. 196-7).
    **(Vaughn, A. R., Branum, A., & Sivamani, R. K. (2016). Effects of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) on Skin Health: A Systematic Review of the Clinical Evidence. Phytotherapy Research, 30(8), 1243–1264. doi:10.1002/ptr.5640)
    ***(Zaman SU, Akhtar N. Effect of Turmeric (Curcuma longa Zingiberaceae) Extract Cream on Human Skin Sebum Secretion. Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research October 2013; 12 (5): 665-669 )
    ****[Sumiyoshi M & Kimura Y. Effects of a turmeric extract (Curcuma longa) on chronic ultraviolet B irradiation-induced skin damage in melanin-possessing hairless mice. Phytomedicine. 2009 Dec;16(12):1137-43. doi: 10.1016/j.phymed.2009.06.003. Epub 2009 Jul 4.]
    ******(Araújo CAC, Leon LL. Biological activities of Curcuma longa L. Mem Inst Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, Vol. 96(5): 723-728, July 2001), (Krup V, Prakash LH, Harini A (2013) Pharmacological Activities of Turmeric (Curcuma longa linn): A Review. J Homeop Ayurv Med 2:133. doi: 10.4172/2167-1206.1000133)


    Often called the ‘Queen of Flowers’, rose brings energising aroma and skin-clarifying properties to Safranyam. According to traditional Ayurvedic texts:

    • Rose is a complexion enhancer 

    • Is cooling and balancing 

    • Its application enhances beauty or Varna

    3 drops of Safranyam reveal the aromatic and skintastic strength of rose layer by layer. Rose helps in:

    • Calming your skin woes and your senses 

    • Helping in Facial cleansing   

    • Offering skin soothing effects 

    • Brightening and revitalising


    Did you know sesame oil is mentioned as the best of all the oils in Ayurveda text?  

    Sesame oil gives stability, strength, lightness in body, improves complexion, improves skin health, promotes healing in all types of wounds and strains and pacifies Vata dosha.* 

    It exhibits antioxidant activity, and its application lowers the severity of pain as it is anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from UV radiation.** 

    Sesame Oil is also deemed safe for use as a cosmetic ingredient.*** Topical sesame oil also protects the skin from UV radiation.**** 

    *[Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Tail Varga, Verse no. 2-7]   
    **(Lin TK, Zhong L, Santiago JL. Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Barrier Repair Effects of Topical Application of Some Plant Oils. Int J Mol Sci. 2017 Dec 27;19(1):70. doi: 10.3390/ijms19010070. PMID: 29280987; PMCID: PMC5796020.)
    ***(Anonymous. Final Report on the Safety Assessment of Sesame Oil. Journal of the American College of Toxicology Volume 12, Number 3,1993). 
    ****[Lin TK, Zhong L, Santiago JL. Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Barrier Repair Effects of Topical Application of Some Plant Oils. Int J Mol Sci. 2017 Dec 27;19[1]:70. doi: 10.3390/ijms19010070. PMID: 29280987; PMCID: PMC5796020.] 


    According to Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita Sutrasthan, Cow milk is of cooling potency. It is soft and unctuous having similar properties with Ojus. Milk possesses identical properties to Ojus and is conducive to the promotion of Ojus. Cow milk is described to be an elixir par excellence (Rasayana).

    • Milk acts as a fat- and water-soluble media for the active principles of herbs. Milk has been used in Ayurvedic oil formulations as it enhances the quality of the herbs, the pungency of the herbs is lowered so that it becomes more suitable for application.  

    • The bovine milk proteins and protein derivatives detailed in this report are described by the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook (Dictionary) to function mainly as skin and hair conditioning agents in personal care products*


    It is used in disease related to Pitta Dosha and also in eye diseases so called as Nayanoshadha or Akshibhaishajya. It has beautiful yellow color flowers, so also called Hemapushpa and pacifies Kapha and Pitta Dosha, prevent the ailments related to blood tissue, reduces inflammation (Shothahrit), eliminates toxins (Vishavidhvansana).* 

    Lodhra is credited with cleansing and soothing properties, and hence is used in various skin ailments. Salireposides isolated from its extract has well documented activity against acne producing bacteria. It has also been reported to show 6.60% mean tyrosinase inhibitory activity, and thus is useful as a mild skin care herb.  Its Antiacne effect and antibacterial potential has been reported.**  

    Pharmacological activities: Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, wound healing activity, antiandrogenic, antimicrobial.*** 

    *(Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Haritakyadi Varga, Verse No. 188-189), (Dhanvantri Nighantu, Chandanadi Varga, Verse No. 183-4).
    **(Devmurari, V.P., 2010. Phytochemical screening study and antibacterial evaluation of Symplocos racemosa Roxb. Arch. Applied Sci. Res., 2: 354-359.)  
    ***(Acharya N, Acharya S, Shah U, Shah R & Hingorani L. A comprehensive analysis on Symplocos racemosa Roxb.: Traditional uses, botany, phytochemistry and pharmacological activities. J Ethnopharmacol. 2016 Apr 2;181:236-51. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2016.01.043. 


    In Sanskrit it is called Musta, means the herb which eliminate the group of diseases and balances Pitta and Kapha Dosha, antilithiatic or antimicrobial (Jantuhrit).* 

    Interestingly, it has UV protective effect: Did you know a study concluded that herbal plants are rich source of secondary metabolites & hydroxy and free radical scavenging potential and shows antioxidant nature of the extracts against UV induced oxidative stress and mediated photo damage. **

    Pharmacological activities:
    antiandrogenic, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, antidiarrheal, antigenotoxic, anti-inflammatory, antilipidemic, antimalarial, antimutagenic, antiobesity, antioxidant, anti-uropathogenic, hepatoprotective, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and nootropic agent.***

    *(Bhavprakash Nighantu, Karpooradi Varga, Verse no. 92-4)
    ** [http://www.ijrap.net/admin/php/uploads/1315_pdf.pdf]
    A. M., Ali, H. H., Naeem, M., Latif, M., Bukhari, A. H., & Tanveer, A. (2015). Cyperus rotundus L.: Traditional uses, phytochemistry, and pharmacological activities. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 174, 540–560. doi:10.1016/j.jep.2015.08.012)


    This herb is loved for its pleasant odour, so it is called “ushira”and “Samgandhik” in Sanskrit. Both the names talk about the pleasant and attractive odour of the herb. In Ayurvedic text it is categorized under Varnya category. Varnya means the drugs which promotes the complexion of skin. It protects skin from various ailments. It pacifies the Pitta and Kapha Doshas. It is also helpful in the healing of wounds.* 

    It replenishes moisture in dry and dehydrated skin and has rejuvenating effect on mature skin. It prevents stretch marks of pregnant women if applied regularly. It uplifting characteristic helps in reducing stress, tension and anxiety.**

    It has a rich green-woody earthy and nut- like fragrance, because of which it is used in perfumery and in aroma therapy to balance the activity of the sebaceous oil glands.

    *(Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Karpooradi Varga, Verse no. 86-88)
    **( Lavania, U.C. 2003a. Vetiver Root – Oil and Its Utilization. PRVN Tech. Bull. No. 2003/1, ORDPB, Bangkok.), (Chomchalow N., Chapman K. Other uses and utilization of vetiver; Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of Vetiver and Exhibition; Guangzhou, China. 2003; [(accessed on 10 October 2003)]. pp. 6–9.http://prvn.rdpb.go.th/files/7-01.pdf.)


    In Sanskrit it is called as Manjishtha, meaning a herb which purifies the blood and improves skin tone. It improves skin complexion (Varnakrit), eliminate toxins (Vishahar), reduces inflammation (Shothahar), promotes healing (Vrana-ropana), prevent skin ailments (Kushta-Visarpahar). (Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Haritakyadi Vaga, Verse No. 188-91). It is also mentioned in the groups Varnya (group of herbs, which promote skin complexion) and Vishaghna (group of herbs, eliminate toxins).* 

    In a study it was concluded that extract of Rubia cordifolia has potential to inhibit the tyrosinase activity and act as skin brightening agent.** 

    Pharmacological activities: Anti-acne (inhibit proliferation of P. acne), Antioxidant, Immunomodulatory, Antistress, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, Antiallergic.***

    *(Agnivesa, charaka samhita. Commentary: Vidyotini by Kasinatha Sastri and Gorakha Natha Chaturvedi, sutrasthan volume-I, chapter-4, verse no 16. chaukhambha Bharati Academy Varanasi; 2011:83, 92.)
    **(Vaibhav S, Lakshaman K. Tyrosinase enzyme inhibitory activity of selected Indian herbs. Int J Res Pharm Biomed Sci. 2012;3:977–82).
    ***(Bhatt P & Kushwah AS. Rubia cordifolia Overview International Journal of Drug Development & Research. 2013. 5 (2). 47-54).


    A powerful skin protectant, liquorice has anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting effects. 

    Liquorice extract also has demonstrated efficacy in treating atopic dermatitis, an - allergy-related, intensely itchy swelling of the skin. Glycyrrhizin, the main component of liquorice root, protects against UV-B light induced damage in the context of human melanoma cells.

    An extract of liquorice called glabridin reduces inflammation resulting from UV light exposure. In fact, when a liquorice extract rich in glabridin was applied to the skin before exposure to UV light, it helped prevent the redness and pigmentation that would normally have occurred. 

    Liquorice extract also reduces melanin synthesis, suggesting that it may have applications in preventing and fading unsightly “age spots,” or areas of hyper-pigmented skin. The depigmentation property of liquorice is due to its ability to inhibit the tyrosinase activity of melanocytes*  

    Interstingly, Yashitmadhu is found to have significant effect on melanogenesis used in sun care. ** 

    **[ Yokota T. Nishio H, Kubota T & Muzycchi M,The inhibitory effect of glabridin from licorice extracts on melanogenesis & inflammation. Pig cell res ,1998 11355-361] 


    You’d agree why Ayurveda calls it Surbhi Gandha- because of its amazing aroma. It gives lightness (Laghu), warmness (Ushna), pacifies Kapha and Vata Dosha, eliminates toxins (Vishapaham), improves skin complexions (Varnya), eliminates Bad smells.* 

    It is a rich source of phenols and flavonoids minimizing the photo‐damaging effects and improves the skin imperfections.** 

    It possesses potent anti-tyrosinase activities that may be a good source of skin-brightening agent.*** 
    Pharmacological activities: Antibacterial, antioxidant, immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory.****

    *(Raj Nighantu, Pippalyadi Varga, Verse No. 173-175), (Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Karpooradi Varga, Verse No. 58, 61-62)
    **(Arshad W, Khan HMS, Akhtar N & Nawaz M. Assessment of changes in biophysical parameters by dermocosmetic emulgel loaded with Cinnamomum tamala extract: A split‐faced and placebo‐controlled study. Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology. 2019.https://doi.org/10.1111/jocd.13198).
    CT, et al. Chemical composition and tyrosinase inhibitory activity of Cinnamomum cassia essential oil. BotStud. 2013;54(1):10
    ****(Mehta S, Purohit VK, Andola HC (2014) Pharmacological Activities of Cinnamomum tamala Nees & Eberm. and Medical Implication: A Review. Med Aromat Plants 3: 174. doi: 10.4172/2167-0412.1000174)


    • Its wood gives a sweet odour, so it is called Padmaka. It pacifies the Pitta and Kapha Doshas. It has sheetal (give cooling effect), dahahar (cure burning sensation), Vranapranuta (wound healing activity).* 

    • It has protective effect on the skin and has antioxidant potential as it is a rich source of flavonoids compounds and phenolic acids.** It also showed anti-inflammatory activities in a human clinical study.*** 

    • It may also protect skin from oxidative damage and promote and inhibit skin tanning.****

    Pharmacological activities: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, enhance sleep quality, skin care and promoting, immunomodulatory, antimicrobial***** 

    *(Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Karpooradi Varga, Verse no. 30-31)
    **[Mauricio E, Rosado C, Lanza DD. Study the potential applicability of the by-products of the Prunus cerasus in promoting health and skin care. Biomed Biopharm Res 2013;2:266-7].
    ***[Kelley DS, Adkins Y, Laugero KD. A Review of the Health Benefits of Cherries. Nutrients. 2018 Mar 17;10[3]:368. doi: 10.3390/nu10030368. PMID: 29562604; PMCID: PMC5872786.]
    ****[Cásedas G, Les F, Gómez-Serranillos MP, Smith C, López V. Bioactive and functional properties of sour cherry juice [Prunus cerasus]. Food Funct. 2016 Nov 9;7[11]:4675-4682.]*****[Ahmad I, Shamsi S & Zaman R. A review on sour cherry [Prunus cerasus]: A high value Unani medicinal fruit. International Journal of Green Pharmacy. 2017. 11[1]. 1-6].  


    It is born in water [Varija, Pankaja, Pankeruha]. It has many petals, also called as Shatapatra, Sahasrapatra., called Arvind because of having circular petals. Its properties are Sheetala [Cooling activity], Varnya [promotes complexion], pacifies Kapha and Pitta Dosha and protect from several skin disease [Visphota, Visarpa].* 

    Did you know, in a study it shows protection against ultraviolet B irradiation on skin and prevents the loss of skin moisture, mitigating the formation of abnormal keratinocytes and inhibits protein peroxidation?** It also contains anti-aging agent that has beneficial effect to reduce symptoms like loss of elasticity, acne, pores, wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and so forth. A suitable vehicle possesses the formulations which has potent antiaging agent. It promotes younger looking skin.***

    *[Bhavaprakash Nighantu, Pushpa Varga, Verse no. 1-3]
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    Indian Elecampane (Inula Racemosa)  

    • Pushkar means, which nourishes the body. Its leaves look similar to lotus, so it is also called Padmapatra. It pacifies the Vata and Kapha Doshas. It is (Anti Inflammatory).* 

    • Antioxidant activity of Inula racemosa has been reported in a study that helps reduce oxidative stress status.**   It also protects skin from various infectants***

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    Indian Barbery (Berberis aristata)