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Instantly reduce back pain, stressed shoulders and tiredness from your face and body
Give Your Face a Revitalised Lift and your body that perfect rejuvenation

Experience the most natural, chemical-free, easy-to-use, non-electronic but powerful and effective tool made with an alloy of pure copper and tin that can squeeze out stress and pain and even reduce the signs of wrinkles, fine lines while helping you enjoy 7 more delightful and indulgent experiences 

Discover The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Ayurveda’s Best Kept Healing and Beauty Secret 

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Brought to you by The Ayurveda Experience, an India-based global platform that’s trusted by HALF A MILLION customers in 150 countries across 4 continents.

Here’s what our users from across the world are saying! 


I am enjoying this product! I have been using it for several weeks and definitely notice a difference in my skin texture. I have aging skin, sun damage and winter dryness. My skin already feels smoother and clearer since I began massaging with jojoba oil and the this wand. Several friends have commented on how healthy my complexion looks. I highly recommend this to anyone with similar skin issues. I am very, very pleased with this purchase. Thank you so much!

- Charlotte Davis 


I loved from the very first time I used it! It’s an amazing product that I would highly recommend to everyone! My face looks so good and feels relaxed and nourished! I’ve used it on my Mum and she loves it too!I'm going to buy her one! Thank you 

-Susan T.

7 Unique Ways in Which This Face & Body Massager Not Only Reduces Wrinkles, Lifts Fine Lines and Aging Skin but Also Awakens the Subtle Energies of Your Mind & Relieves Body Stiffness and Pain   


Working for over 10+ hours, standing at a stretch or tired after a long week? Release stress, soothe soreness and shake off lethargy with Varaasa Face and Body Massager. Use the wand with an appropriate Ayurvedic body oil (use Varaasa's Ashwanyam Oil for stiffness and Nirujam Oil for pain-relief) and work with the wands along the legs, arms or wherever you feel stiff and sore. You could also use it on your partner for a refreshing back massage. 


In less than 20 minutes per session you not only experience great relief from tensed muscles and joint pain but also get an instant face lift - exuding a rosy glow! 


Worry less as this wonder hand-made massager eases your stressed or tired shoulders, neck and face muscles...It will enliven your face and relax you, while comforting your shoulders or neck!  The wand will also provide a lifted, firm look to the face and fight signs of wrinkles, fine lines, tired skin and bring life and glow back to the face without any external, chemical or mechanical/electrical application.


Just 20 minutes... That’s all the time it takes for the  Face & Body Massager to tighten the look of your face and breathe life into it! 


Completely handcrafted with wood and a specific alloy traditionally known as the finest healing metal, there are no attachments, no batteries, or anything needed other than the tool itself. It is a tool for life that will last a lifetime.


This unique tool balances the subtle energies of body & mind by harmonising the balance between the three doshas or Ayurvedic bio-energetic principles of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. 


Releases heat and tension, balances the acidity in your skin (a process that you may be able to actually see, while working with the wand), also unifies the body, mind and spirit. It helps you relax, release stress, it motivates you to massage yourself which itself improves circulation and supports lymphatic drainage... there are so many advantages!

And most importantly, it helps you appreciate and take care of yourself!

A fast-paced lifestyle, excessive stress, environmental toxins are making us age much faster, and thus, the demand for products to protect the skin, keep it young, reduce wrinkles and fine lines is rising just as fast and quite understandably so. Fine-lines fillers, face-lifting lasers, face-lifting creams- what is not available out there!

But, BUT- are we really helping our skin or worsening it by using artificial boosters, complex electronic gadgets, creams loaded with chemicals? 

No rocket science, we all know the answer to this. We all know how crazy chemicals and complicated electronic gadgets quietly wreak havoc on our skin, interfering with nature and disturbing the natural equilibrium of the skin.   

The Varaasa Wand is the absolutely natural answer to save yourself from unnecessary damage and give yourself the youthful, glowing face that you deserve.

It is safe, easy and most importantly, a very effective way to get that youthful face with toned skin and a lustre that comes from within several layers of the skin.

The simplicity is the beauty of this tool. Unlike complex electronic gadgets, wherein one can never figure out what the gadget is really doing to your skin, how is it affecting it long term, this simple tool is pretty honest and straightforward- Its power lies in the metal, renowned as the healing metal in India since ages and in the relaxing massage movements which touch the Vital Points or 'Marma Points'. 

What really is the VARAASA Face & Body Massager, also known as the Kansa Wand, and How Does it Work? 

Increased interest in holistic healing traditions, together with a heightened value being placed on the beauty and quality of handcrafted tools, prompted a revival of the classic Indian traditional art of Kansa, the making of specialised metal alloys. Kansa was first made in the Bronze Age approximately 5000 years ago by the Harappans, the inhabitants of the Indus Valley, the very same culture that is thought to have developed the principles and practices of Ayurveda, India’s ancient holistic healing system.  

Being harder and more durable than other materials available at that time, it enabled these ancient people to create superior metal tools, sacred statues, housewares, bells and gongs as well as weapons and armour.  

Kansa, or bronze as we would name it, revolutionised the ancient world in many ways. Indeed, it is said to be one of the most innovative alloys of humankind. And, it was discovered to have extraordinary beauty enhancing and soothing properties. Today, Kansa is still used to make traditional wellness wands for the Ayurvedic treatment Kansa Vataki. These tools are made in India by artisans who have practised this craft for generations. They still work with loving care and keen attention to quality and detail combining tradition with innovation to produce these beautiful body care tools designed to serve people in modern society.  

For years this metal has been used in traditional Ayurveda to deliver massages for detoxification, relaxation and cooling, healing effects in the form of a Kansa bowl known as the Kansa Vataki bowl. This VARAASA Wand is a modern version of the Kansa Vataki bowl, giving it an appealing design and making it much easier to use.

The Kansa massage tool’s healing metal surface shines golden because of its extreme purity and is set upon a hand carved handle that is irresistible to the eye - naturally drawing one to pick it up and use it.   

What’s interesting is that the sacred metal alloy Kansa (pronounced cun-sa) is made from very high-quality copper and tin. This ancient blend of metals is known in Ayurveda, India’s as a “healing metal.” VARAASA Face and Body Massager Wands are made of the same, 5,000-year-old, pure, ‘healing metal of India’ - Kansa! The hand-carved handle makes for ease in working with the bronze capped face wand when using moderate pressure or delicate strokes on the face, neck and shoulders.   

The VARAASA Face & Body Massager has been crafted and devised considering the skin texture and contour of the human body. Each unique massager has a broad convex base made with an alloy of pure Copper & Tin in a specified ratio with a natural wood handle to make it comfortable to hold. The smooth finishing of the wand ensues undeterred contact with the surface of the skin while massaging with it. Over skin gently moistened with oil, the base of the VARAASA massagers gets rolling smoothly without causing any discomfort to the beneficiary of the massage treatment, in fact, it generates a rather pleasurable and enjoyable feeling.   

You should also know that these tools are made by hand-artisans, who spend hours creating these massaging tools. They are TOTALLY natural, require no batteries, no electric current, no chemical solutions whatsoever!   


A thorough face or body massage with the VARAASA Face & Body Massager helps in: 

  • Calming the nervous system  
  • Improving blood circulation  
  • Detoxifying and reducing inflammation, redness and heat    
  • Easing muscle tension   
  • Relaxing stressed and tired muscle groups 
  • Falling into a deep, relaxing sleep  
  • Reducing Pitta

Use whenever you’re in the mood for a relaxing yet rejuvenating, revitalising experience! When you want to feel like ‘a million bucks’, or a ‘new person’ or ‘come back to life again’ whichever you like!

Other amazing things about a Kansa massage that will leave you drooling:  

  • The sensation is pleasurable and calms you down 
  • Eases stress and tiredness in the arms, legs or any muscle group
  • Helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind so you feel clearer and are able to rest or go out there, and shine in the world
  • It's a fun way to relax before you fall into deep, relaxing sleep 


Oil is first applied on the skin- any oil depending on the Prakriti of the skin (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) can be used. For most skin types, we have a lot of face and body oils that can be used along with the VARAASA Wand for an enhanced experience. Read on to learn more about it! 

Directions For the Face 

  • Use a small quantity of any of VARAASA’s Ayurvedic face oils and dab it gently on the face to assist the smooth gliding of the wand.   
  • Gently use the wand in small circular strokes by drawing circles around the eyes, circular and zig-zag strokes from one side to the other, and strokes along the cheekbone and the jawline.  
  • First massage the left side and then the right side.   

(Quick Tip: You can keep this on your desk at work to experience quick relaxation from the computer screen while taking a break by massaging your forehead and the eye-area gently!) 

Directions For the Body

  • Use a small quantity of any of VARAASA’s Ayurvedic body oils and apply it gently on the joints, muscles and skin to assist the smooth gliding of the wand.    
  • Use the wand to make longer strokes along the bones and smaller strokes around the fingers.   


 Make longer strokes along the bones, smaller strokes around the fingers, when doing the full body massage. If the oil on your skin turns grey, simply apply more oil on your skin and wipe it off with a damp cloth. Thereafter, you can wash it with a natural cleanser.

The only thing you need to take care of is not to expose the wand to heat and to clean it after every use. No complex maintenance is required either to take care of the wand.

Watch out for the 5 security seals that only we guarantee you

You should know that The VARAASA Face & Body Massagers are special. We were the first to make the Kansa Wands available online to such a large number of people throughout the US and other countries. We use the finest quality of wood and lab tested metal for our wands to ensure you experience a premium quality product.  


The quality you’re getting with a Varaasa product is comparable to a luxury brand, in many cases, even better, given the stringent QC practices we follow. However, we believe that because something is 100% natural, pure, authentic and makes a luxurious experience, it should not become unaffordable. 

You will find that Varaasa prices are 20-50% less than those brands of comparable quality products.


We're so confident about the quality of our products that we're one of the few, rare beauty/skincare companies that give you a clean, no-questions asked refund within 10 days of use if you're not satisfied. Yes, if you don’t like the product after actually using it or just feel that is doesn’t cut it for you, write to us within 10 days of purchase, send us the bottle back and we’ll refund your money!  

With 100% Satisfaction, 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee, we ensure that you're well taken care of. Not only that, with free shipping and affordable rates, we're also the ones who have published the original and the only online Kansa Training Course by the pioneers of Kansa in the USA.

We also encase our sealed wands in a beautiful, branded cylindrical pack so that you get the luxury experience that you deserve! 

Again, our wands are all metal tested, made of the finest wood, vacuum sealed and checked manually before being sent. We also guarantee that experience with a 10-Day Money-Back Guarantee where you can be sure that your purchase is absolutely secure.  

Here’s what our users from across the world are saying!  


"As soon as I started using it, I immediately felt its incredible power. There is no exaggeration here, massaging one's face with this Wand, you can feel the warmth and its soothing effects. I think this might be the best thing ever for my skin and well-being."  

- Jacqueline Robert 


"I just received mine. It does help the tension and my face pain, due to stress, I use it before bedtime and it has helped me a lot. Like anything else, you have to be consistent to use it, my face and neck pain is getting better and I am glad with the results."  

-Asta Wichmann Daniels


"Ok. Well...I am 58 and my main complaint was/ is Chest wrinkles. I have large breasts and I used to sun bathe alot. It shows. Its very aging. I purchased this wand online and the jojoba oil from gnc. A few drops of oil, and I slide the #eraser, lol...this wand across my chest as I watch tv or daydream and it is somehow erasing the deep wrinkles... for the price I paid and the ease and enjoyment of use, I am totaly satisfied at the results thus far and highly recommend it for all. Yes, I do use it on my face...and my cheeks look like a baby..."   

-Joyce Distler

The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA
The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager Massager VARAASA

The Varaasa Wand - Face & Body Massager

Powerful and Effective tool made with an alloy of Pure Copper and Tin 

Reduce Routine Pain, Stress, Tiredness from your Body and Give Your Face a New Lift! 

A thorough face or body massage with the VARAASA Face & Body Massager helps in: 

  • Calming the nervous system 
  • Improving blood circulation 
  • Detoxifying and reducing inflammation, redness and heat
  • Easing muscle tension 
  • Relaxing stressed and tired muscle groups
  • Falling into a deep, relaxing sleep
  • Reducing Pitta

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10 Day money back guarantee +

Free Shipping +

Free Cash on Delivery

Here’s what our users from across the world are saying!  


“Just received my face wand and products. I was more than Impressed in how the products were packaged and the presentation; Beautifully Boxed and carefully protected. After the First use I saw an immediate improvement in skin texture. The facial oil and creams are in a class of their own! I am very happy I choose to give these products a try. Thank you for keeping the costs affordable with your many specials!!”   

- Laura Schneider


“Frownie face after a busy day - a couple minutes with this on the forehead and the '11's' are all relaxed and smooth. I feel 'aaaah' a couple of seconds after I start using it. Forehead, around eye sockets and head is wonderful. My boyfriend did my back & legs, relief of tension was great. Especially in the calves. I have the face/body size, I will get the smaller face one too as it will be better for face.”  

-Paulene Bourke


“They work, I can assure you... The results are great on myself so far. I found a reduction of lines and wrinkles after the very first treatment. They also have a truly detoxing effect, often on only one side of the face (usually the right side). The relaxing effect is almost instant and I can feel the Meridian and the lymphatic system stimulation. Quite amazing! ”   

-Angelika Hilden

And by the way, if you're a beauty or spa owner...

This wand will help you give your clients an experience they have never undergone before!

An experience that will be new, pleasant, revitalising, refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Create unique facial rituals with it, or specialised body massage your clients would love returning for more! The size and easy utility also makes it a great retail item.

1. A unique experience with immediate results: 

Your clients will experience something unique and will immediately be able to see and experience results they’ve never seen before! 

2. Luxury protocol with Kansa Course:

Get an edge, not common regimes or just another facial or pedicure - on learning these special protocols shared in the video course offered by us, you’ll be able to add on a great revenue generator through these specialised treatments shared in the digital course, available exclusively on our website. 

3. Your fingers and hands won’t tire: 

As therapists, your own hands and fingers are constantly exposed to stress and daily wear and tear. These protocols with the correct use of this Wands will tire you less and reduce excessive stress to your muscles. 

4. Your nails won’t dig into skin: 

With no nails digging into your client, even those sensitive to touch would feel comfortable with a Kansa massage. Personal and yet not invasive, this treatment is perfect for everyone. 

5. A totally natural treatment:

All your clients who do not like to use artificial or chemical products would absolutely love this treatment! 

Here’s what our users from across the world are saying!  


"I have had the set, for a year and as a therapist I have use all three at different occasions. I have had amazing responses whether it's body, facial or feet. Just on the body I use long strokes going only up as the blood moves. The face this wand is so calming & relaxing I use it on myself daily. Many compliments."  

-Mary Ann Groenewaldt


"I use them for professional facials. They feel terrific on the skin. The metal is bronze and has been used for centuries to help Pull toxins. My clients at accent on beauty love this massage technique"   

-Jeannette Cohen 


“I own a spa and use mine all the time..for many purposes. Massage, post peel, post waxing..the metal feels so cool and smooth. I really love it..”    

-Debbie Dickey Cesen 


“I never even sleep quietly. Always on my defences. But this massage let me sleep deeply, and I was very relaxed."     

-Elisabetta Angelini 


"I'm a Therapist with various modality experience and when seeing the Wands I felt that was a gift made in heaven. As I always feel people deserve quality treatment in all areas of the body. It has such a calming effect on the mind & body. I am a beautician but do more body work. Just a point of interest I have some patients who have a few anxiety & stress problems and I used the face & feet wands on them and they were overwhelmed as how different they felt after treatment. One said she has never felt so calm. That is thanks to you for sharing this product with the world. Until next time keep up the wonder of this product. Love & light"     

-Mary Ann Groenewaldt

Get your own Face & Body Massager and experience the joys so many others have experienced, for yourself, just like Andrea Kittilson, here. Watch her share her experience below:

"My family is loving these tools. I'm excited to purchase some other face & body products soon."
- Andrea Kittilson

"Been using mine daily for several weeks and people cant believe how fresh and toned my skin looks and feels! It's the simplest and most relaxing beauty/health product I have ever used!"
- Cheryl Buckley 

"I use it for my clients feet as a massage tool after foot soak in epsom salts and toe nail trim... they enjoy it..feels great!"
- Sue Forbes 





The Varaasa Wand - Face Massager

Rs. 999.00

The Varaasa Wand - Foot Massager

Rs. 1,099.00

The Kansa Course

Rs. 2,299.00