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    How to Prevent or Reverse the Root Causes of Thyroid Disease and Dysfunction and Optimize Your Weight, Energy, and Health

    Ayurveda uses the principle of Root Case Analysis to tackle the very root of all disease and not just their symptoms. It is based on this Root Cause Analysis that Harvard-trained Ayurvedic practitioner and internal medicine specialist, Dr. Akil Palanisamy defines his programme of thyroid health in this course. 

    The “Science of Life” that is Ayurveda, provides a holistic understanding of the underlying causes of thyroid disorders, and gives us natural common sense approaches to create balance and get long-term relief. Combined with the insights of modern integrative and natural medicine, it provides a tremendous amount of support.  


    About the Course

    If you have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s (or the less common Hyperthyroidism or Grave’s Disease), or suspect your thyroid levels may be impacting your health, you need to read this now:

    Could you have a low or underactive thyroid and not know it?

    Autoimmune conditions affecting the thyroid have been on the rise, and can contribute to fatigue, weight gain, aches and pains, low moods, low sex drive, problems with concentration, and many other physical and emotional symptoms.  

    Symptoms like these can impact your work and your relationships.

    The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck, just below the Adam's apple. In spite of being the size of a walnut, it isextremely powerful and important for health. It is a part of your endocrine system- a collection of glands that are hormone producing. It regulates temperature, metabolism, and cellular function in every part of the body. The thyroid affects every single one of your 100 trillion cells.

    Do you or anyone you know suffers from any of these symptoms?

    • Fatigue or tiredness that does not improve even with adequate sleep and rest
    • Feeling cold all the time and being slow in getting warmed up
    • Very dry skin
    • Constipation, no matter how much fiber you get in your diet
    • Weight gain or difficulty in losing weight
    • Chronic recurrent infections
    • Various aches and pains
    • Muscle or joint problems that are slow to heal
    • Sadness, moodiness, and even depression
    • Nails that are excessively brittle or crack or peel easily
    • Irregular menstruation in women 
    • Very low sex drive 
    • Hair lossthat is diffuse and not just localized to one part of the scalp 
    • Problems with your concentrationor focus 
    • Difficulty with your breathing 
    • Palpitationsor irregular heartbeat 
    • Elevated cholesterol despite having a good diet and not having any history of high cholesterol or it running in the family 
    • Needing excessive sleep 
    • Problems with fertility  

    These symptoms could very well indicate a low thyroid that, in the long run, could cause severe mental issues, heart ailments, infertility, and indications of osteoporosis.

    There are similar kind of symptoms for excess of thyroid, symptoms that though have an impact on you now, if not addressed, are likely to continue to worsen and trigger an avalanche in your life. 

    To really solve thyroid disorders, you have to know the12 potential root causes, and which of them are specifically affecting you. 

    When you address the underlying causes of these imbalances: 

    • You can restore peace and equanimity in your mind and emotions. 
    • You’ll have more energy and be more available for your work and important relationships, creating deeper meaning and fulfillment in your life. 
    • You’ll also improve your overall health, strengthen your digestion, balance your weight, support a healthy libido, and reduce the effects of premature aging. 

    Through the combination of Ayurvedic wisdom and modern integrative medicine that you’ll learn in this course, you'll finally have a path to address thyroid disorders through natural modalities of nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle practices.  

    This course is for you if:  

    • You have been diagnosed with ANY thyroid disease, or suspectyou may have some level of thyroid dysfunction.
    • You’d simply like to optimize your energyand protectagainst thyroid dysfunction and other autoimmune diseases.
    • You’d want to heal leaky gut and other digestive issues at the root of chronic systemic inflammation. 
    • You’d like to improve your overall health, strengthen your digestion, balance your weight, support a healthy libido, and reduce the effects of premature aging
    • You’d like to support the health of your family or friends, or introduce them to a holistic approach to thyroid disorders. 
    • You’re a medical practitionerinterested in learning more about integrated treatment approaches to thyroid disorders

    How does Dr. Akil’s program equip you to prevent or address the underlying causes of thyroid disease?  

    Through this course, you will learn:

    • A comprehensive and natural approach to understand and resolve the underlying causes of these dangerous and debilitating conditions. 
    • The most common correctable root causes of thyroid disease that are habitually overlooked. 
    • How to approach these conditions from an Ayurvedic perspectiveand note the distinctions between the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha subtypes. Each type will each have a different emphasis in treatment. 
    • Which hormone levels you should have tested to get an ACCURATE and COMPLETE picture of your thyroid health. 
    • How to systematically test for food intolerances that contribute to chronic systemic inflammation and disease. 

    Are you READY to optimize your thyroid, and revitalize your health and well-being with your next meal?

    Begin your journey on this path today!

    Purchase the online course now and get a FREE PDF text companion AND instant digital access to the entire course (which means that you can watch the course online on your desktop or mobile!)

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    About the Author

    Dr. Akil Palanisamy, M.D.

    Dr. Akil Palanisamy, a Harvard-trained physician practicing integrative medicine, combines Ayurveda and Western medicine in his clinical practice with patients in San Francisco. 

    After completing his undergraduate degree in biochemistry at Harvard, he performed clinical research at Harvard Medical School where he wrote his senior thesis. This was followed by medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, residency training at Stanford University, and fellowship in integrative medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. 

    But that’s not it - what makes Dr. Akil unique is his in-depth study of the ancient Indian Science of Ayurveda which helps him take a holistic approach with his patients and show exceptional results of recovery and healing. 

    He studied Ayurveda in India at the Arya Vaidya Chikitsalayam in Coimbatore and completed clinical training with his guru Dr. L. Mahadevan in Derisanamcope, Tamil Nadu at the Sri Sarada Ayurvedic hospital. 

    As a Harvard trained MD, Dr. Akil integrates a strong scientific background in biochemistry and Western Medicine with training in Ayurveda and study of ancestral societies around the globe. This unique background enables him to seamlessly blend Ayurvedic principles with the latest research in nutrition, food science, and medicine. Dr. Akil is known to provide definitive, practical health information based on cutting-edge research and clinical experience. 

    Course Contents

    Module 1: The Thyroid

    The thyroid, as a part of the endocrine system (a collection of glands that are hormone producing) has a range of functions in the body. It regulates temperature, metabolism, and cellular function in every part of the body. Every single one of your 100 trillion cells is affected by the thyroid. But what happens when your thyroid function is disrupted? Get to know about the common potential symptoms associated with low thyroid or hypothyroidism, and high thyroid or hyperthyroidism. 

    Module 2:  Autoimmune on the Rise

    Thyroid autoimmune diseases, just like other types of autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, celiac disease etc. are on the rise. 
    But why?There are several factors including changes in the gut bacteria comprising the microbiome, increasing food allergies and sensitivities, chronic infections and the rise of toxins in the environment. These chemicals mimic hormones in our body, disrupt the function of our endocrine or hormone system, and assault the delicately balanced immune system that keeps us healthy. The immune system has to fight off invaders, but all the thousands of new chemicals it's faced with, lead to mixed messages, forcing the body to attack itself. You will learn how exposure to these toxins is THE impetus in the development and progression of autoimmune thyroid disease & read about a case study from one of Dr. Akil’s patients, and how he successfully reversed her thyroid disorder. 

    Module 3: Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease

    In this module, Dr. Akil will give an in-depth medical explanation of the key hormones involved with the thyroid. You’ll learn exactly which hormones are involved to ensure the correct functioning of the thyroid – and what happens if their functioning is disrupted. You’ll learn what to ask for specifically at the doctor’s office when testing for thyroid issues – and you’ll actually get to understand the significance of your results! If clinical tests aren’t feasible for you right now, don’t worry, Dr. Akil will also show you a way to assess your own thyroid function by taking your basal body temperature using a thermometer.  

    Module 4: Root Causes of Thyroid Disorders

    There are many different root causes and factors that contribute to the development of thyroid disease. You’ve read the list above. These factors can cause both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. The primary cause of each is actually autoimmune – Hashimoto’s disease for hypothyroidism and Graves’ disease for hyperthyroidism. Dr. Akil will discuss each root cause and share the solutions in this module.

    Module 5: The Thyroid Detox Diet

    This 21-day cleansing diet will help you eliminate commonly problematic foods, increase your intake of nutrient-dense healing foods, and begin the process of detoxification and healing of your body. The regimen will help you increase energy, reduce inflammation, burn fat, and reverse disease. It will also help you identify foods that you are sensitive or intolerant to, during the reintroduction phase when you are bringing the specific foods back into your diet. The goal of the Thyroid Detox Diet is to avoid the most allergenic foods, simplify your body’s digestive processes, and facilitate removal of toxins.

    Module 6: Detoxification

    Because toxins are such a big factor in the development of Hashimoto’s disease, Dr. Akil will talk more in-depth about detoxification. You will: learn why sweating in a sauna or steam room is an effective way to stimulate toxin release through the skin, get to know about the ancient Ayurvedic therapy of oil-pulling; discover the neti pot and the practice of nasya to help cleanse your nasal passages; enjoy the relaxing yet energizing practice of Abhyanga or self-massage; and understand why you need to keep your lymphatic system fit to ensure a healthy immune system. You will: discover 8 Super Foods and supplements such as Beets, Flaxseeds, Garlic, Turmeric, Bentonite clay, Chlorella and more for daily detofixication; learn why keeping a strong Agni or digestive fire is so important for breaking down and absorbing nutrients; and, of course, understand why you need to balance your doshas.

    Module 7: The Thyroid Diet

    The Thyroid Diet is the best long-term plan for losing weight, increasing energy, boosting metabolism, and achieving optimal thyroid function. This is assuming that you have completed the 21-day Thyroid Detox Diet. During this time, you should have determined which foods you are sensitive or intolerant to, and which foods you can tolerate, because you’ll need that knowledge for customizing the following diet. You’ll learn which foods to avoid, which types of foods to eat every day, which types of foods to eat frequently, and rarely. You’ll also get some guidelines on what your meal portion sizes should look like.

    Module 8: Botanical Remedies & Subtle Therapies

    Herbs and botanical remedies are a big part of Ayurveda. In this module, Dr. Akil will give his recommendations for certain herbs such as Ashwagandha and Guggulu that are beneficial for thyroid issues. Besides herbal remedies, Dr. Akil will also recommend some supplements and subtle therapies – since stress and emotional and even spiritual factors can play a huge role in thyroid disease. You will learn about the benefits of Udana Vayu, Mantra Meditation and Yoga Asanas. 

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