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    Finally, a Detox System that Fits YOUR Unique Nature - NOT Another One-Size-Fits-All Fad Approach That Further Disrupts the Balance of Your Health. Learn How to Apply the Time-Testing Ayurvedic Science of Detoxification to Remove Toxins from Your Body, Restore Your Digestive Intelligence, and Address the Root Cause of Most Disease Pathology.

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    • Learn to read the tell-tale signs of toxin build up!
    • Discover the essential dietary recommendations you must START NOW to detoxify
    • Restore your body’s natural “Healing Intelligence”
    • Strengthen the 13 kinds of Digestive Fire or Agni
    • Unveil the lifestyle habits slowing down the uptake of neuropeptides in your body
    • ‘Get’ everyday lifestyle changes to speed up metabolism, such as the right DENTAL hygiene
    • Learn to tell the “pre-symptoms” of Doshic imbalances
    • Learn how to detox according to your Doshas
    • Discover powerful Ayurvedic remedies to draw out stubborn toxins
    • Get an in-depth guide to get relief from Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Download an exciting weekly DETOX MENU
    • Learn the specific time you should eat FRUIT so that it is digested completely
    • Know the ideal spacing between your baths and mealtimes
    • Find out which favorite food combos may have been agitating your gut for years

    This course explores the process of detoxification. This Ayurvedic practice aims to eliminate toxins and restore healthy tissues. In this exploration, the course looks at the way toxins accumulate in the body and the core systems and organs involved.
    In this program, you’ll finally get a sustainable and scientific detox system that is based on your unique nature and needs, delivered via High Definition video to you by an Ayurvedic practitioner who has over 20 years of clinical experience.

    With Ayurvedic Detox, you:
    • Get a step-by-step guide to restore detox naturally.
    • Discover detailed, exhaustive dietary recommendations for your individual physiology.
    • Get a weekly easy-to-prepare Western menu plan.
    • Know the everyday practical tasks you can perform to detox.
    • Allow the body to let go of accumulated toxins and bring the digestive system into balance.
    • Dislodge toxins lodged deep within the tissues.
    • Begin restoring the body’s healing intelligence.

    You could be any age, in any phase of life, managing DIFFERENT challenges and demands – this program is for you. And that’s because of TWO reasons:

    • You need to have the intelligence to heal and repair to lead a healthy, happy life. Remember, Ayurveda is REALISTIC – so it knows all of us fall ill, face upheavals and emotional stresses. That’s inevitable. What’s more important is your body should be in a state to MANAGE symptoms be receptive to healing therapies. THAT healing intelligence is directly proportional to digestive intelligence and a clean goodbye to ama!
    • Our lifestyles on a whole encourage ama build-up. Even people who eat consciously can eventually get some ama because the environment around us is polluted, some “healthy” food may not be as healthy as we think, and because of more stress, more sensory inputs … all of this can cause your system to stagnate. An Ayurvedic detox is a natural opportunity to give your overworked system a break, soothe inflammation and reset your metabolism.

    If you’ve tried “cleansing” in the past, but have had unsatisfactory results… or if you’ve suspected for a while that you need to detox, but have felt overwhelmed with where to begin, let Dr. Kristine guide you through a safe, natural, gentle, and time-tested scientific approach to detoxification rooted in a practical understanding of the digestive intelligence that nature has already built into your body and life.
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     Purchase this course now and get a
    free e-text companion
    instant digital access
    to the entire course (which means that you can watch the course online on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet!)
    10-day money back guarantee



    Dr. Kristine Jerome

    “If a person’s digestive system is not working well, then even after consuming healthy compatible food and a balanced diet, the body cannot use and process the food properly. It becomes a toxin or Ama. This relocates and causes imbalance and potentially disease. According to ancient scriptures, Ama is the universal ingredient in the progression of disease because it blocks the channels of the body which transport nutrients, hormones, neuropeptides, immune system cell, and waste. When Ama accumulates the doshas become aggravated and this deranges the way they operate. For example: instead of airy Vata circulating around the body, it becomes disoriented and brings about nausea, headaches, migraines, distention, constipation and abdominal gas. Detoxification aims at rectifying the digestive system so that Ama is removed from this region, supporting the doshas to operate accordingly and metabolism to function well..” 

    Kristine is an Ayurveda practitioner, an herbal medicine specialist and has a doctorate in Psychology. She has several years of clinical experience and has studied Ayurvedic sciences extensively, both in India and Australia. What is unique and wonderful about Kristine’s approach to practicing Ayurveda is her use of specific Ayurvedic tools and techniques to make an impact in your everyday life. Techniques like pulse reading, deep cleansing, and energetic healing. Kristine uses these in her clinical practice to make very real impacts in stubborn conditions, such as: 

    • Hormonal Imbalances 
    • Arthritis 
    • Emotional Trauma 
    • Autism 
    • Asthma 
    • And Autoimmune disorders and Lifestyle conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension as well! 

    When you make changes in an informed, targeted way, they can create a powerful domino-like effect of eliminating toxins and creating well-being in every area of your life,” says Kristine. 



    Here’s a look at some of the exciting things you'll learn from Kristine’s 2-hour long course

    1. Detoxification and Its Role in Restoring Healthy Bodies:
    An answer to questions like-
    - What is Healing Intelligence?
    - Why is your digestive system the central cog of your body’s ability to heal?
    Ama: Learn the surprising reasons behind toxin-accumulation
    • What is Ama?
    • How does it block your body’s channels?
    • The role of vitamin supplements in Ama build-up
    • Stress and Ama
    • Poor eating habits and Ama
    • Your environment and Ama
    • Ama and the Doshas
    • The symptoms of Ama-fuelled Dosha derangement

    2. Learn the Ayurvedic Perspective on Digestion
    - Discover the nature of the 3 Doshas and the role each plays in digestion

    What is Vata
    • Learn the organs where Vata dominates
    • Discover Vata’s role in your physiology and what happens when Vata is deranged

    Pitta Dosha
    • What is Pitta
    • Where is it located
    • What does it do?

    Pitta and Agni
    • Break down the nature of Agni or digestive fire
    • Know the 13 kinds of digestive Agni
    • Learn the exciting relationship between specific food and organ health

    Kapha Dosha
    • Uncover the properties of Kapha
    • Learn the organs and systems affected by Kapha
    • Find out what happens when Kapha goes into imbalance

    - The digestive process: the Doshas and their role in digestion
    • Know the organs involved in digestion
    • Know the Dosha nature of every organ

    - Learn the three stages of digestion
    • How long does it actually take for food to reach your stomach
    • How long does food actually stick around in your digestive tract
    • Know the Doshas that govern each stage of direction
    • Learn what happens when even one of these Doshas is in excess

    3. Detoxing and restoring Digestive Intelligence
    - The fundamental dietary recommendations which apply to everyone
    • The do's and don'ts of eating
    • What to do upon rising
    • Learn everyday morning practices to prime your digestive tract
    • Know which prep method may be causing honey to turn toxic in your gut
    • Discover the hidden link between your morning shower and disrupted digestion
    • What to do during the day
    • Easy, exciting tips to get digestive juices flowing
    • ‘Get’ insights on keeping Vata in check

    - Specific detox suggestions for your Dosha imbalances
    • Understanding and detoxing Vata disturbances
    • Diet and lifestyle advice
    • Download sound suggestions to placate Vata
    • Know food to consume regularly and foods to avoid
    • Get powerful remedies on detoxifying the gut and healing diseases like arthritis
    • Learn to tell common, acute and chronic symptoms of Vata disturbance

    - Pitta disturbances
    • Diet and lifestyle advice
    • Know the secret food you should be consuming at bedtime to calm Pitta
    • Food dos and don’t’s
    • Must-follow lifestyle habits
    • Learn to tell the common, acute and chronic symptoms of Pitta imbalance

    - Kapha disturbances
    • Diet and lifestyle advice
    • The right time to have your last meal
    • Food dos and don’ts
    • Why Kapha should eat in “good company”
    • What are the symptoms of a common, acute and chronic Kapha disorder?

    - More advanced additional detox therapies
    • Advanced diet, lifestyle and routine practices for Vata, Pitta and Kapha derangement
    • “Toxic” food combos of healthy foods
    • Is your sleeping posture smothering your digestive organs?
    • The supine position that enhances digestion
    • The best time to eat fruits
    • Secret power boost smoothie to increase energy and resilience

    4. A patient’s case study

    5. What happens when Ama build-up is extreme: Fixing Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • What is IBS
    • Understanding the pathology behind IBS
    • Pre-symptoms and symptoms: Learning to tell the earliest signs or “Pre-symptoms” of IBS
    • Know the advanced signs of disease
    • Different types of Grahni or IBS according to Ayurveda
    • Uncover the secret causes of IBS
    • Learn if your IBS is Vata, Pitta or Kapha-dominant
    • Pathogenesis
    • Treatment
    • The best fresh homemade drink you can have for IBS
    • Protocol for fast
    • Therapies to placate Doshic derangement
    • Diet and lifestyle tips
    • Exciting ways to eat appetizers to increase absorption of nutrients in the small intestine

    6. Simple, easy-to-follow Weekly Menu: Detox, Balance Digestion, and Support Agni
    • Delicious, nourishing recipes that are also fuss-free
    • You don’t need to hunt for exotic ingredients
    • Five meals so you feel nourished and full satiated throughout the day!

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