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    AYURVEDA: Are you Eating FRUITS the Right Way?

    We all grow up knowing that Fruit is an important food to include in our Diet because it is whole and Fresh and Healthy.

    In AYURVEDA, how and when we eat Fruit is important to consider. Fruits should always be eaten on an empty stomach, or before a meal, because fruit goes through the digestive tract more quickly than other foods. When we eat fruit on an empty stomach it helps us to detoxify the body and supplies us with needed energy for weight loss and other activities.

    However, when we eat Fruit after a meal, the fruit is prevented from digesting because it is being blocked by the other foods that are ahead of it in line. So the fruit juices come into contact with the other foods, turns into acid, and the whole meal starts to ferment and spoil. When Fruit mixes with other foods, it produces gas, so we feel bloated and burpy.

    Ayurveda says that eating whole fruit is preferable to drinking fruit juice. If you want to drink fruit juice, choose fresh fruit juice, never juice from a can. Don’t drink juice that has been heated, as heating juice, or cooking fruit, takes away many of the nutrients. When drinking fruit juice, take sips to mix the juice with saliva for better digestion, don’t take big gulps.

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