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    Proper Way Of Eating Foods

    Acharya Atreya, author of Charaka Samhita (early text on Ayurveda – Indian traditional medicine) explains the proper way of eating food:

    It you eat too much or too less or wrong way then it can be harmful and it is very important for us to understand how and when a food should be eaten..

    Eating is very important for life. It helps in sustaining a good life. In the same way eating polluted food can cause diseases. Eating properly and regularly helps in maintaining the digestion power. In other words it helps in maintaining the body’s temperature and good health.

    Food energizes the mind. It balanced diet helps in maintaining body’s natural balance. It is beneficial to keep the senses of the body in good condition.


    Water is helpful in bringing moisture in the body

    Salt helps in clearing the kapha in the body

    Honey helps in joining broken elements, clarified butter smoothens

    Milks gives life

    Meat increases muscles in the body

    Meat soup gives satisfaction and utmost power

    Alcohol (in moderation) helps in good digestion.

    Curd causes inflammation

    Urad daal creates toxins in the intestines

    Except anaar and amla every sour food material increases pitta in the body

    Honey, rice, barley and wheat except these every sweet food increase kapha in the body

    Except parmal all bitter taste food increase air or Vata in the body.

    All spicy food increase vata in the body and decrease semen.



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